Whats your Top 3 best and least fav games shown at E3?

  • Hello friends,

    So E3 is almost over and here we talk about our game of show. its been one of the worst E3 I have ever seen. Just talking talking talking then show some cinematics and no gameplay.

    so friends, this is subjective thread so we should respect others opinion.

    so which game you think is Top 3 best game shown at E3?


    Doom Eternal: No surprise but atleast id software bother to show the gameplay and it looks amazing. it looks like evolution of Doom 2016 with having more variety and more location and hell on earth. very impressed by new mechanics they have shown.

    Cyberpunk 2077: last year reveal was not very good but this years trailer was great and sneak peak gameplay they show also looking good. although i like sci fi cyberpunk world alot and since no deus ex game is coming in future so im hoping this will be my deus ex fix. and it looks like easily best CDPR game since its in first person means its going to be far more immersive unfortunately its open world so it can get boring. all in all, im really looking forward to this game. as we need another FPS/RPG hybrid like Deus Ex was.

    Dying Light 2: Very impressed with modern dark age setting and it looks more like immersive sim than first game and with focus on deep narrative rather than another zombie game. really liked how techland evolved it from just another zombie game to very impressing looking story driven first person game.

    Least Fav

    Wolfenstein Youngblood: This looks absolute one of the most bland game i have seen this years E3. its not surprise that machinegames wolfenstein games have been crap and this one looks no difference now with enemy health bar (ala bulletsponges enemies). other than set 20 year after previous games and its coop game where you play as BJ daughters. it will be another game with 20 minutes of cutscene movie game posing as old school FPS.

    Watch Dogs Legion: This looks like the most generic open world game i have seen. i mean ubisoft cant be more generic, it makes assassins creed and far cry looks like a masterpiece. yeah you can play as different playable characters. gameplay looks complete bland from driving to combat to stealth. why are ubisoft not making splinter cell and wasting insane amount of budget to this crap is beyond me.

    Borderlands 3: Looks like borlderlands 2 DLC and it was never good series to begin with. terrible shooting plus cartoonish graphics. this also looking pretty bad from gameplay demo. i was so bored of it while watching.

    so my friends here my top 3. what are yours? discuss

  • Best: BANJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Astral chain
    BOTW 2

    Worst: Doom Eternal
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Dying Light 2

  • The best of E3

    Final Fantasy VII Remake: How is this project even possible? Ridiculously fantastic.
    Watch Dogs Legion: A brilliant idea turned into a jaw-dropping game, it seems. I was in awe.
    GhostWire: Tokyo: This might be a horror game I'll even play. Maybe. Propably not. Excited to see Huber play it!

    Far from the best of E3

    Bleeding Edge: From the might of Senua's Sacrifice to an Overwatch clone? Why would you do that?
    Tom Clancy's Ubisoft: Usually my favourite with Sony, this year Ubi failed unfortunately hard.
    CG trailers: There were simply too many of them. Gameplay footage, please.

  • Best:
    Watch Dogs Legends. I can't believe this game exists.
    Xbox GamePass. So much value added, I don't need much else to have a great time.
    Halo Infinite. Surprisingly emotional.

    All Square Enix press-conference. Only Dying Light 2 looks interesting and I already saw it at Xbox. Expected more.
    The rest of Ubisoft press-conference. Usually they are much better.
    Easy Allies spoiling press-conferences by talking about leaks.

  • Best of E3:

    • FF VII Remake. Now I don't feel so bad for being born after the original FF VII's time. Absolutely crazy stuff. The real time x turn based combat sold me on it. Thank you for making the shady deals, Sony and SE.
    • Watch Dogs Legion. WD is the one Ubisoft franchise that I really care about, and the demo certainly pleases me. Ambitious is one word to describe it. Helen is hype!
    • Skatebird. This looks too jolly. A fluffy bird on a mini skateboard? Count me in.

    Least favs:

    • Contra Rogue Corps. Graphically disgusting.
    • Gears 5. Horrible presentation. The Escape mode trailer was uninteresting as heck.
    • Wasteland 3. I never felt the disdain for a game trailer as I do with this one. One of the, if not the, worst trailer I've ever seen in my life. Nothing interesting, and it's super annoying from start to finish.

  • Best

    Cyperpunk 2077: I'm already planning my second and third playthrough of this game.

    The Outer Worlds: The trailer showed me a unique setting, creative combat with memorable characters. I'm excited to play the sequel to Fallout: New Vegas.

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake: I've never played FF7 but the presentation was great. I wish some of the other games in Square Enix's press conference would have had a similar presentation.


    Wasteland 3: I was looking forward to this game and the trailer didn't show me anything. Except, the tone is far more wacky.

    Contra: Rogue Corps: Don't fully understand what I watched but it wasn't good.

    CG Trailers with no gameplay: Too many games to list.

  • Most Favoritest

    Cyberpunk 2077:
    I have been waiting for a good Cyberpunk video game since High School.

    FFVII Remake:
    I think the way they are expanding the game/story makes a lot of sense to me. Everything I've seen so far looks great.

    Ghostwire: Tokyo:
    I don't know much about it yet, but I am excited for spooky Tokyo.


    2d Metroidvanias:
    Just... not my thing. And there's like, a million of them.

    Pokemon Sword and Shield:
    I haven't wanted to play another Pokemon since Yellow.

    Dry, deserted, post apocalyptic or alien wastelands:
    Ok, we get it. :(

  • Best

    Astral Chain: The game looks soo good, especially after watching threehouse gameplay I fell in love with the combat and also the entire aesthetics 90s anime cop show vibe.
    Final Fantasy VII Remake: I was very, very skeptical and I had almost zero hype for this game but the gameplay footage showed really got me excited for it.
    Elden Ring: I know was just CG trailer but man, the atmosphere of trailer was haunting and music sounded so epic, I cant really stop watching the trailer.

    Entire EA and Ubisoft conference

    At very least Bethesda showed one me interesting game called Ghostwire and MS showed me Tales of Arise and Elden Ring.

  • My Favorite Games of the show were Jedi Fallen Order, FF7 Remake and Avengers. I'm most excited to play those but Watch Dogs Legion is right there with those as well as CyberPunk.

    I also just want to mention, and I guess I'm the only person, that was surprised by how fun Mario & Sonic at the Olympics looked. Never had any interest in past versions but Surfing, Skateboarding, Fencing, Boxing and Taekwondo look really cool, im kinda sold on it.

    I mostly like to focus on the positive but I was a little let down with Battletoads, Contra Rogue Corps and Commander Keen.

    Still, that being said, generally there was still a lot of really interesting games this year. Excited for Roller Champions, MUA 3, Panzer Dragoon (who saw that shit coming?!), Outer Worlds, 12 Minutes and Ghostwire.


    Final Fantasy VII

    The rhetoric Square used in their presentation was bold, “you will not be disappointed”. They were right! This game looks to be such a faithful recreation of FF7 where it represents what we already know from the PS1 game, but is also beautiful in its own right as a PS4 (PS5?) game.

    Ikumi Nakamura


    I don’t want to reduce a developer to being nothing more than charming and cute, but her stage freight mixed with her passion and personality had me smiling for what is normally a boring “this is what our game is about” boring backstory type dribble.

    She had me hooked even more than Shinji did and in the end, I looked up her work and she’s been involved in beloved games like Bayonetta and Okami. Maybe she made a name for herself to the general public this E3. Especially if Ghostwire is a great game. Despite Ghostwire being some dialogue and a CG trailer, she was a highlight this year.

    Cyberpunk 2077

    This pick is more of an investment. I wasn’t in love with the story cinematic trailer, but the Keanu reveal is what dreams are made of. Plus, there was a closed door demo that I’m sure was very exciting. Next, we got some high res screenshots that look beautiful. It brings me back to the magazine days where you’d be given and inch and take a mile from just a few screenshots and a bit of writing.

    I think when we see the demo, this will solidify this as a good pick.


    Halo Infinite

    Launching with the next-gen Xbox, this game has a hard deadline. What worries me is that they showed a boring story cinematic and absolutely no gameplay. Do they have solid gameplay to even show yet? We are only 1.5 years out from this game and I’m nervous. Especially since Halo hasn’t had a very high quality game since 2007’s Halo 3. I am disappointed in not only what I saw but why they would choose to show this of all things in a franchise that has lost its momentum.

    Marvel’s Avengers

    I’m not a fan of MCU but I like superhero games from time to time. I feel like I have little to latch onto here with everybody looking like a knock off character design from the films. Not to mention the gameplay reports aren’t exactly positive. I think this is looking average.

    Bleeding Edge

    This just did not look cool at all. There seems to be some universal mold for toon characters in videos games and I don’t like it. It was endearing back in Team Fortress 2 but it comes off as obnoxious now. I can’t say I’m excited for a studio like Ninja Theory to make a common class based hero game. I have no attachment to characters like this and I never enjoy the attitude they create for these characters. I feel the same way about Apex Legends too. It all feels obnoxious to me.


    Don't take the bait. BC likes to shit on games for no reason. Don't shit on a game.

  • Best:

    Astral Chain
    Luigi's Mansion 3
    Breath of the wild 2


    Halo Infinite (Show me more)
    Gears 5 (show me more! its coming out this year!!!)

  • If this was a question of my three most anticipated games that were present, then it would be Final Fantasy VII: Remake, DOOM: Eternal, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps. However, I'm interpreting the question as what was the best and worst presented games. That said, I'm disqualifying trailers only. So while CyberPunk's entire presentation was exciting, we're not going to see this week's demo for another two months.

    For my third favorite presentation, I liked how Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was a solid 15 minutes of just showing the game. I'm very intrigued by its combat, and hearing parallels to KOTOR in regards to picking which planets you want to go to and when is highly appealing.
    However. @^&# spiders.

    Second for me is Watch Dogs Legion. I'm not a Watch Dogs fan, and won't be picking up this game, but I think Ubisoft did a great job showing how you can recruit all the different characters of the world. And yes, Helen was the strongest moment. EASILY Ubisoft's high point of their conference.

    Number one, no surprise, Final Fantasy VII: Remake. 20 minutes of a deep dive on combat, characters, environment, story, a dedicated segment to a boss fight... Loved it.

    As for the three games I came away irked with, each had their own vastly different reasons why I was immensely bothered.

    The number three presentation I couldn't stand was Just Dance. Because it's been the same thing. Year, after year, aaaaafter yeeeaaarr, aaaaaaaafffffftter yyyyeeeeeaaaarrrrrr.

    Number two actually is one of my top five overall most anticipated games: Gears 5. I'm a die-hard fan, and the way The Coalition decided to show this year was just baffling to me. The weird faces trailer was just an off-tone piece that felt out place. As was the trailer for Escape. The mode itself isn't for me as it requires other people, so cutting to stage theatrics and gimmicks have me concerned.

    Despite my disappointment with Gears, NOTHING got on my nerves as much as The Elder Scrolls Online, and more upsetting is the fact I'm not aggravated at the game itself. The constant "WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOO" every half sentence was about the most frustrated I've ever felt during ANY E3 press conference. And I've seen some bad ones.

  • Strongest Positive Impressions:

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons - I'm extremely bias here, but also after the nine hells the Animal Crossing franchise has been dragged through since New Leaf in 2012, just having confirmation that this will indeed be a real next entry that moves the franchise forward, without a lick of taint from things like the mobile money sucker Pocket Camp or the low effort Mario Party clone designed to sell you physical DLC known as Amiibo Festival , well was enough to bring me to the verge of tears. On top of that, it seems they might've done away with the worst mechanic in the franchise, the dreaded Grass Deterioration, with a new mechanic in place to make your own more natural paths, as well as a widely expanded amount of flora to spice up the landscape. Of course, even better, now you can place all furniture outside. It is like Public Works Projects from New Leaf but better, because you can always adjust everything to mix it up and have a way wider variety of options. I can't wait to craft and build my town from the ground up on an island early next year.

    Fall Guys - Ever since the Battle Royale genre took off in popularity, I've had an idea for my ideal one. If this game had pickup powerups to mess with opponents slightly like tripping them for a second and walls chasing players through a huge island with all the obstacles lumped together into a mass of courses to platform and path through, then this game would be exactly my vision. While it doesn't, it still manages to incorporate the bulk of what I've always wanted in a Battle Royale with a fun style of characters and just looks like a blast to play.

    Astral Chain - Trailer was even more intriguing than previous ones. Treehouse Day 1 showed there's extra variety in the gameplay and the stylish intro to the game on a motorcycle right after you finish customizing your character the way you'd like them to look. Treehouse Day 2 showed off the open city detective gameplay with quests plus extra sidequests you can stumble into as well as picking up trash around the city, cleaning up spooky red matter, and traveling to the Astral Plane to take the fight to the enemy in sections of enthralling combat with crazy maneuvers like clotheslining enemies wrestling style. flinging yourself between platforming sections by tensing the chain link to your astral partner, and solving puzzles to further open up the environments for deeper exploration.

    Strongest Negative Impressions:

    Life is Strange 2 - Spoiled all the parts out now for anyone who hasn't already played them, which is extremely stupid, because those people are already going to play the rest anyways.

    Contra: Rogue Corps - Looks abysmal, doesn't even play like the franchise it is based on, and generally just made the rest of the Direct look worse for existing and being given a spotlight it didn't deserve.

    Commander Keen (2019) - Low budget, throwaway mobile game of a fond franchise from many's childhood. It is like they didn't even learn from Command and Conquer: Rivals last year.

    You're Breathtaking! You're All Breathtaking:

    Luigi's Mansion 3, Trials of Mana Remake, Tales of Arise, Spiritfarer, Final Fantasy 8 Remastered, Wave Break, Panzer Dragoon Remake, Superliminal, Romancing SaGa 3, SaGa SCARLET GRACE: AMBITIONS, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, The Outer Worlds, Way to the Woods, Brave Earth: Prologue, GhostWire: Tokyo, The Dark Crystal: Ages of Resistance Tactics, Etherborn, Carrion, Phantasy Star Online 2
    ᴵ ᵖʳᵒᵇᵃᵇˡʸ ᶠᵒʳᵍᵒᵗ ˢᵒᵐᵉ

  • Favorite

    1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake no words needed
    2. Elden Ring: Fromsoft
    3. Tales of Arise: Series has been hit or miss for a decade now this seems to be a reinvention


    1. Halo: Fps just isn't my thing
    2. Contra: looks horrible all around
    3. Wasteland 3 :wtf was that

  • @themarcv I'm so curious about how skateboarding works in the Mario & Sonic Olympics game. I'm hungry for a decent skateboarding game.

  • @bam541
    If for whatever reason it plays like Tony Hawk I'm picking it up just for that.

  • Best:
    Cyberpunk 2077 - It just looks awesome
    Final Fantasy VII Remake - I'm not a big FFVII and never wanted a remake but this is actually looking pretty good
    Zelda: Link's Awakening - This is however one of my all time favorite games and it looks amazing

    Avengers - This was a really poor showing, still don't know what the game is
    Contra: Rogue Corps - It reminds me of those awful PS1 Contra games
    Wastleland 3 - It good be still be a good game but the trailer was really terrible

  • Best
    The most Excellent one Lord Keanu blessing those in attendance with his presence, not every day people meet a deity after all, also Cyberpunk looked pretty good too I guess
    Final Fantasy 7- Like damn this is looking like everything that FF13 and 15 originally promised.
    Nintendo- 2 big Smash announcements, more Zelda, Witcher 3 coming to Switch, Banjo's.
    EA- All of it, roughly 2 and a half hours of Nothing beyond Star Wars, yearly FIFA, yearly Madden, Sims, and Apex,
    Bethesda- for a disturbing lack of

    Youtube Video

    Like seriously roll with the punches
    That one indie game that no one cared about that was about hugging or something, not saying it could be a bad game, but E3 just doesn't seem like the place for it to be on the main stage

  • Banned

    @dmcmaster said in Whats your Top 3 best and least fav games shown at E3?:

    The most Excellent one Lord Keanu blessing those in attendance with his presence, not every day people meet a deity after all, also Cyberpunk looked pretty good too I guess

    alt text

    I didn't watch E3. Skimmed through Zelda, Kojima's game and CP 2077, but that's about it. Already want Astral Chain, so no point watching that.

  • Best:
    Banjo in Smash - Banjo-Kazooie means a lot to me, I've the most childhood memories from that platformer. When Banjo got announced I shed some tears of joy, he's back!
    Phantasy Star Online 2 - It's finally happening!
    Astral Chain - This game alone convinced me to buy a Switch, I'm impressed with both the gameplay and the concept. I can't wait!

    Commander Keen - Another nostalgia game ruined.
    Gears 5 - I expected to see some gameplay and we saw nothing, I'm not looking forward for this.
    Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order - I was simply not impressed with the reveal, I hope it turns around.

    Shoutout to:
    Final Fantasy VII Remake, Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring, Ghostwire Tokyo, Watch Dogs: Legion, Tales of Arise, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, CrisTales, Luigi's Mansion 3, Panzer Dragoon Remake, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of The White Witch Remastered, Trials of Mana Remake, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin