Forum Charter: Read before posting!

  • I have a rule suggestion:

    I think threads about rumors should be always labeled as such in the thread title.

  • @Musou-Tensei I think thats an excellent idea myself as it stops the flow of misinformation and miscommunication across the community. We can discuss further as this being part of the charter.

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    I realize it's been a few months, but the EZA website is still pretty new, so some of that perceived "disinterest" from the community is partially a lack of activity across the boards as a whole. The EZA fan community right now is split up across a number of websites and platforms and it's going to be a slow going process to attract allies from other established locations.

    Right now I ask that you please be patient with how things are running, as we want to foster a space where as many people as possible can come on, have a good time and discuss what they would like to.

  • @Musou-Tensei Nice idea, I've added it to the charter, even including US spelling.. I'm sorry fellow Europeans :(

    Also it's worth noting that tags work really well on the site. I used them for the LTTP threads I made. We won't force people to use them, but I think they're pretty useful for something like that or rumors etc..

  • @tokeeffe9 Yes, tags work SUPER well. I have been using them as well!

  • Maybe for tabletop escapades, those need to have individual threads created for the episode and keep the main thread for more general discussion

  • @Whoaness said in Forum Charter: Read before posting!:

    @tokeeffe9 Yes, I do feel like I would be forced off the forum if there are no good discussions to be had about the game currently coming out.

    The Allies were super hyping up I Am Setsuna, so it was surprising no one wanted to discuss it. I could make the thread, but, at this point, we see no one else is going to bother making it either meaning no one wants to discuss about it. So why bother?

    There are some good threads here and there, but so many things to filter through to find them. That's why I suggested (in the feedback forum) making it a standard to use Tags to help filter out discussion threads on new games. I'm a worst case scenario kind of person, so I definitely want the community to shape up to be more than a bunch of "what's your favourite something" and "kill your babies". Just putting my 2 cents out there on what I see.

    Tags are great. But I would suggest forum games (even if game related like kill your babies) should be in general discussion

    This would help elevate discussion in the games forum

  • @Lexad Sorry, I meant to reply to this a while ago.

    We'll keep a monitor on how things go, for now we don't want to split things up too much.

  • @tokeeffe9 said in Forum Charter: Read before posting!:

    @Lexad Sorry, I meant to reply to this a while ago.

    We'll keep a monitor on how things go, for now we don't want to split things up too much.

    No problem, simply a suggestion on my part.

  • New rule added to the charter - No requesting streams or shows

    Description is in the OP

  • Twitter harassment it is XD

  • "Stay on Topic - As long as everyone in a thread is happy, this shouldn't really be an issue. On rare occasions when a thread has been completely derailed we might try to steer it back on course or lock it up."

    what about when discussions have a side topic formed in it, like i just dont feel every post should just be about the OP

  • That's fine, as is stated, as long as everyone is happy, there isn't any issues.

    This is more so when a topic is completely derailed.

  • I've added the new poster rule to the charter. Initially a poster will only be able to post every five minutes until they've reached a certain level of reputation (more posts, upvotes).

  • Made some minor change to the charter. Removed a part on rumours since we now have a rumour topic that seems to be going pretty well and have added baiting into the trolling point. I'll go into that in my next post

  • This forum has a pretty small community and therefore you see a lot of the same people trying to get a rise out of another poster pretty often and from my experience here is the main reason why threads get derailed.

    If you have noticed some of your posts have been deleted (both the initial post and responses) over the last day, this is why.

    We have been too lenient on this. Please flag a post if you see this type of behaviour and the mods will handle the situation.

    If we find a user is trolling/baiting others, the punishment will depend on previous warnings/bans. It will continue to escalate in severity until either the user improves their behaviour or is permanently banned.

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