Forum Charter: Read before posting!

  • That's fine, as is stated, as long as everyone is happy, there isn't any issues.

    This is more so when a topic is completely derailed.

  • I've added the new poster rule to the charter. Initially a poster will only be able to post every five minutes until they've reached a certain level of reputation (more posts, upvotes).

  • Made some minor change to the charter. Removed a part on rumours since we now have a rumour topic that seems to be going pretty well and have added baiting into the trolling point. I'll go into that in my next post

  • This forum has a pretty small community and therefore you see a lot of the same people trying to get a rise out of another poster pretty often and from my experience here is the main reason why threads get derailed.

    If you have noticed some of your posts have been deleted (both the initial post and responses) over the last day, this is why.

    We have been too lenient on this. Please flag a post if you see this type of behaviour and the mods will handle the situation.

    If we find a user is trolling/baiting others, the punishment will depend on previous warnings/bans. It will continue to escalate in severity until either the user improves their behaviour or is permanently banned.

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!