My good news | The game I am working on

  • Hi allies

    I'm not really part of other forums or communities and with a super small circle of freinds, I thought this would be a good place to share. Even though I haven't been a big pressence on the forum.
    So to my good news. Amazing news to me.

    I got a job in the games industry! In my hometown no less. After looking for just shy of a year I got a job in a small indie studio called PortaPlay.
    I have pretty much always wanted that, from before I knew it was a possibility. But I can't code and I suck at math. So I have on game design and writing, analysing and academic writing about games. My dream job be as a writer on games but you have to start small I guess.

    So now I work as the PR / Community manager person in PortaPlay. Not what excatly what I expected but I basically get paid to write and talk about games which is really awesome.
    I was also really lucky to work on a game I actually think is good and something I would like to play regardless of my job.
    (I know it is my job to promote the game but it is hard to remain cynical, you know).
    I was lucky and privileged but goes to show that getting into the game industry might be possible from many different directions.

    So I hope it is ok to share what I’m working on.
    I’m working on a cool little game called Broken Lines.
    It is a semi turn-based tactical game set in WW2 with a serious story and challenging gameplay, I think diffecult is more apt but that is subjective
    It is reminiscent of classic X-COM or Desperado games. The part between the action is a bit Banner Saga. Because choices and consequence play a big part and in there is rarely is a right choice.
    All those games are games I personally really like. From some reason the game kinda gave me Frostpunk vibes even though most of the game is nothing like Frostpunk.

    So In Broken Lines you control 8 soldiers caught behind enemy lines trying to survive and complete the mission with the chain of command broken and completely on their own.
    Broken Lines have realistic and difficult tactical combat that is easy to learn but well, diffecult. Thtough the game you will get to know every one of your soldiers and undoubtedly get more attached to some. Your choices will lead them to both death and victory depending on how you do they may not all get home. You might sacrifice some for the greater good or the right thing, whatever that means to you. With permadeath when you lose someone they are gone, that is it.

    It is a real privilege for me to work on game I like with cool people. And sorry for the long post. Hopefully you can share in my joy, I just selfishly needed to share.

    Oh and if you are at all interested in the game I left the very PR & official links below. Probably start with character trailer.

    Steam page: