• I plan to start a podcast on my YouTube gaming channel with a few friends/family and possibly future guests, a total of 3 people on a podcast. I have some recommendations such as a mixer with 3 mics, or a camcorder with a mic, 128gb sd card, tripod.

    I'm not too sure what I mostly need, but I definitely would like products that work well with each other as well as very good quality mics. I would like a camera, 3 mics, and whatever else I need that combines the products to all work with the same software. I don't plan to have multiple cameras with a switcher at the moment. The camera will be placed in 1 position and any game topics discussed will be edited in using editing software (so it's not going to be a live show).

    As you can tell I am very new to this and I want to give it a shot so I'm hoping Easy Allies could suggest some good products? Also, a basic understanding of how the process works in general. From video camera to mics plugged into a pc, and the right type of software to use whether a free product or needed for purchase.

  • @stealthy have you tried asking Jones on Cup of Jones.

  • Idk if he still frequents these forums, but @TheHashtag0nist would probably also be a good person to ask about this stuff. Sorry I can't be of any help myself - don't know shit about tech. Best of luck to you!

  • Thank you guys for the info.

  • Watch maybe 5-10 minutes of this podcast just to get an idea of their setup then scroll down to the bottom of the description and they have all of their equipment listed with links to purchase on Amazon. Maybe look and pay attention to the angles/cam setup and look at the equipment in the video (i.e. mics on the table) and narrow down what you might want or need.

    Youtube Video

    I work in broadcasting and even in professional settings, the equipment is fairly simple. Often as simple as a podcast in your garage.

    The basics:

    • Any uni-directional microphone. Can be USB if you want but best would be a mic with an XLR.
    • XLR cables
    • Small mixer
    • Zoom recorder
    • Large SD card (class 10 or whatever they are called for speed)
    • Headphones with a stereo to 1/4" converter jack to plug into your mixer
    • Hard drive, probably 4TB or higher. 4K video is humongous so I wouldn't recommend going above 1080p just for a simpler process. 4TB is NOTHING if you're filming 4K plus the large .WAV files as well. Stick to 1080p. You'll also probably have to keep buying hard drives as your podcast keeps going along and you keep archiving.
    • Any HD camera. A good and now cheaper one is the GH4 but you can get something waaaaay cheaper and effective like a Canon Rebel T6i or even older ones like the T3i.
    • Software for editing. iMovie, Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, Audacity, Logic. Lots of free audio and video editing software. You can edit audio in video software for something simple like a podcast.

    BAM! You have an audio podcast. But don't just take my word for it. I'm sure lots of people have a lot of great solutions. Maybe somebody has an even simpler suggestion. Its not like I set up podcasts every day.

    P.S. I realize that the equipment they use is high end and expensive but its a good reference point for what a podcast can look like. You DON'T NEED anything super expensive. That dynamic mic could just as well be an Amazon Basics microphone for $40.

    P.S.S I have some editing tutorials saved to my work computer (I think). Give me a few days and I'll send you a PM for you to download them if you want. They aren't exactly legal to go around sharing willy nilly.

  • Youtube Video

    There's a good deal of equipment talk in here, but also just a bunch of good advice on starting a podcast in general. I recommend watching it if you've got the time.

  • Hey guys I'm really sorry I just came back and visited this forum now. I want to thank you all for the help and suggestions posted in this forum. I will definitely take the advice and view the videos with my partners. Many thanks!