I had a dream I was with a few brothers surfing ontop of the universe. So I wanted them to see it, so I recreated it using Unreal.

  • here you go. sorry for the 30 seconds of sound. I was looking around using the vive headset and moving with the keyboard. hope you all like it.

    Youtube Video

  • Awesome work! Recreating your dreams creatively is always dope.

  • thanks Zayler, sometimes ill paint them in pixel art. I work in simulations as a 3d artist and have been doing 3d modeling for a while now. I actually made that playable too. It was just the most memorizing dream. I use to dream a lot about aliens but recently Ive been dreaming about life after death, which maybe sad. Had this one dream where it was like 4 rows of wooden boxes all lines up and ontop of eachother. We all had our heads inside of them and they were about to chop us down with the blade and then it happened. Next thing I know im in space and I can see those people next to me. Not sure where we were going. Anyway ill post some pixel art here as well.