Which left-field game would you love to see reimagined?

  • This gen has seen many games remade, remastered or just rereleased, yet there are so many fan favourites that have yet to get that treatment.

    Well this thread isn't about those, sorry. This thread is about those games that only you seemed to enjoy, but would never call it an all time classic, yet you think it had and has the potential.

  • I have loads, but the one I want to mention at the minute is Pursuit Force.

    Pursuit Force was a fun unique game, but if it ever came back how it was I think it would get ignored. I think if they focused on building it around fun/quirky characters with a cartoonish supervillain, it would be amazing.

  • Back when I was a kid, my Dad and I would walk to Blockbuster and he'd buy me a game that I thought looked cool based on my dumb kid brain. Sometimes I hit the jackpot and other times I got a terrible game that I didn't know was terrible until I played it again when I was older

    (i.e. Milo's Astro Lanes on N64 seemed pretty awesome when you're 6 years old)

    But one game that was an actual hit for me to this day is Extreme-G 2 on N64. I thought the box looked cool and the rest is history:


    If this series made a comeback in the form of a remake or sequel, I'd be happy.

    • It plays like Wipeout
    • It has a side mode that plays like Twisted Metal
    • The aesthetics are super cool and future like everything was in the late-90s
    • Cool lady robot voice when you get weapons and shields
    • Super cool circuits that have twists and turns and secrets and hazards and multiple paths and even loops and upside down stuff
    • Multiple modes incl SPLIT SCREEN
    • Lots of cool bikes to unlock as well as the tank version in the Twisted Metal mode

    ...what's not to like?!

    I know the market has basically said "no, we don't want these types of games anymore". It's the same reason Sony probably won't make Wipeout PS5. With that said, I'd love this to come back. It was a sweet Wipeout/Mario Kart alternative and it had that sort of indescribable charm that a lot of N64 games had where the world feels kinda hollow but that also makes it more cool and aesthetic.

    I want more cool bikes, more cool music, cool maps with loops, cool future shit.

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    I'd also be down with Pursuit Force coming back in some way. That was a major time sink for me around 2007.

  • @dipset me and me sister had XG2 for our N64. We also had the sequel for PS2, which was also a lot of fun and had a great future-techno soundtrack from Ministry of Sound.

    It would be good if they brought it back as some rhythm based racer. Maybe the more you followed the lanes of the song, the more powerful your attacks?

  • Haunting Starring Poulterguy (Genesis): No idea why this didn't get more love. It always seemed so unique to me and I loved seeing all the things you could do to scare the family.

    Little Nemo: The Dream Master (SNES): Maybe not so left field. Great ideas, good platforming, Nintendo hard. Could use an update and some balancing.

  • Rule of Rose. That game is so uniquly creepy & unsettling. Plays like shit though. Not sure who owns the rights. It's super hard to track down aswell.

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  • @darthammii Wow, Pursuit Force. I haven't heard that game uttered in years, gets me feeling nostalgic.

    Anyway, I would like my favorite sports and parkour game to comeback: Free Running. I finished this game multiple times on the PSP. I don't think there's any other parkour game that has such focus on navigating an open level with tricks and manuevers (and looking cool while you're doing it). I remember that beating the AI on a race by finding another pathway that requires another set of tricks to get through is one of the most satisying things I ever did during my childhood.

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    Another PSP game that I was fond of was Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament. It's a game where you have a mech that you can ride around. You can roam the small town hub, talk to people, take side missions to get money, and participate in mech Championship battles. With money, you can upgrade your mech to be stronger, add weapons, add utilities to help you complete side quests more efficiently, and customize the mech's visuals. It's pretty fun taking care of the mech, it feels like you truly own it and it's always satisying to get substantial upgrades. The one proble with the game is that the scale of the world way too small, which adds to the repetitiveness of it. I would love if a similar concept gets done with bigger budget, especially with modern gaming advancements.

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  • @paulmci27 Good one! Definitely a super good idea and very creepy but yeah, controls like a toaster. There were also some weird choices with sound that took me out of it I remember. But I still really enjoyed it. Does Atlus not hold it anymore? Or did they just publish it?

  • Did someone say Steambot chronicles? Cause I'd kill for a new Steamboat Chronicles, loved the hell out of the demo I had, sadly I could never find a copy and the one time I have since it was too rich for me (local shop had it for almost $150)
    Still sad we never got the PS3 game.

    Also Darkwatch and Gun, honestly we just need more western games honestly.

  • A Yugioh: Duelists of the Roses remake or sequel would be the coolest thing ever made.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern. It was published by atlus in the US, 505 in EU. It was developed by a company called Punchline who are long defunct. Think some of the team went to Marvelos. The rights could be in limbo just like Shadow Hearts another series I wouldn't mind seeing again in some capacity.

  • @hanabi
    Isn't the upcoming a Switch game a remake of that one?

  • @paulmci27
    Last I looked I think Shadow Hearts was owned by some investment group or bank or something.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Ooh I remember Little Nemo! One of my very first games on NES, it was tough as nails but I kept coming back to it, it had a lot of charm and some devious level design.

  • @paulmci27 I've never played Rule of Rose but I've seen enough videos talking about its story to be convinced it is at the very least a very interesting story, would be great to see another attempt at doing something with its story.

    I haven't played Yu gi oh in ages but since it was mentioned a modern game with card games as a base with some actual story and progression would be great, which reminds me I have to check Thronebreaker.

  • Shadow of Destiny/Memories deserves another shot.

  • @sheria I second this. Another truly original game drowning in atmosphere that stays with you after you've finished it. The Ps2 was the best console for oddities like this before AAA publishers weren afraid to take risks. Think this was a Konami game if memory serves, so afraid we will never see this again. Might pick this up on amazon to see how well it holds up.

  • Lost Planet. It's a pretty mediocre game, but I think there is an incredible amount of potential there. The shooting felt good if I remember correctly, so all it needs is a half-decent story. The grapple mechanic was dope too.

  • @capnbobamous
    Lost Planet in general feels like it could use a more focused reboot, a campaign with elements from the best parts of 1 and 3, and keep a multiplayer mode like the 2nd.

    Speaking of still annoyed that E.X Troopers never got a localized release (yet it's OST was brought to the west via Amazon and iTunes last I looked)

  • @dmcmaster Oh crap I totally forgot there was a 3. Didn't it have a bunch of weird RPG elements, or am I thinking of something else?