Comic Con Reveal Trailers!

  • All the trailers were pretty alright, but that Wonder Woman trailer really did it for me. Can't wait for that film.

  • I wouldn't really call Justice League a trailer, since they just started filming like a month ago or so. It was a welcome surprise that WB allowed it to be shown, as it usually would be locked behind the Comic Con elitism wall. Loved WW though, and King Arthur looked kinda fun. Kong was definitely kaijuverse.

  • Only saw King Arthur, Wonder Woman, and Justice League trailers.

    Wonder Woman looks the strongest. Not sure if there's much there in terms of story, but it has some neat visuals and seems to be committing pretty hard to its period which I like, even if its representation seems a little generic.

    Justice League looks like they should have waited another month or two before putting out a trailer. I imagine footage is still being pulled in, and it just looks like a bunch of actors in a box talking with each other. I didn't get much of a shape of the story apart from recruitment---of which there weren't really any surprises. Looks lame, but I think it's just at the point where they can't show the good stuff yet.

    King Arthur looks bad to me. Ritchie isn't a bad filmmaker exactly, but his aggressively quirky and slick style always came across as a box of limited tricks rather than an effort to elevate the material. The trailer opens with snorricam, has his token slow-mo long-lens close-ups, and his narration-led shenanigans, but otherwise looks like a generic fantasy film with plastic-y monsters and sweeping computer camera shots.

  • @BatViking I have to say my biggest surprise this year is how many trailers we got to see. Usually they try to keep these con exclusives until we inevitably get the terrible cam footage. I'm happy to see studios learning the lesson that it's better for them to release it than some random guy. Also nice for those of us who can't afford comic-con.

  • @Inustar Still a step too short however, I wish they'd drop this elitist attitude and livestream the panels. It's like they're calling us fake fans for not spending potentionally thousands of dollars to travel cross-country or across the world, even. Streaming ensures that the people who pay to go there get to see stuff, too. Lines for DC and Marvel stuff're legendary long and hard to get into, this way everyone gets to be in on the fun. Without spending days in a line. I feel like they think some kind of grassroot advertising activities are going to happen from showing stuff to maybe a few hundred people.

  • @BatViking I don't get it either. They could make ALL the money.
    alt text

    It would not stop people from going to the Con.

  • @BatViking said in Comic Con Reveal Trailers!:

    Kong was definitely kaijuverse.

    Kong vs. Godzilla, let's f#*!ing go!

  • I sperged out hard over the Wonder Woman trailer. Comics first lady kicking ass in World War 1? Soooo good.

  • @Krauser I am curious to see the size difference between those two.

  • @Inustar Yeah true. But judging from what I saw so far in the Kong: Skull Island trailer, it looks like our ape has grown a ton, so they might be on the same level now.

  • Most of them were fine. I liked Fantastic Beasts and Doctor Strange the most. King Arthur might be ok dumb fun.

    Wonder Woman did nothing for me though. Partially because I don't really care at all for that character, but also because I don't like Gal Gadot and the overall image of the movie that trailer painted.
    Justice League is directed by Zack Snyder so that is already a massive turnoff for me and the trailer did nothing to win me over.

  • @Krauser I saw an article awhile back that said Kong was going to be 100 ft versus Godzilla at 300ft. I hope that gets changed, because otherwise that is not going to work for a real fight.

  • @Inustar It will work if Kong is much more agile than Zilla.
    It'll be like a STR build vs a DEX build.

  • @El-Shmiablo He'd have to be super agile to me that work... or perhaps make him super smart.
    Either of those though I think will present problems for a traditional movie fight.