The Sinking City - Stays Afloat By Swimming in 7s

  • Hey Allies,

    Don't know how many of you had this one on your radar but The Sinking City just came out and from reviews and the hour or so I played this game is totally a swimming in 7s game. I've had my eye on this one for a while now and I'm pleasantly surprised at its quality. This is an open world detective game set in H.P. Lovecraft world where you explore the city of Oakmount Mass. I've only done the first tutorial investigation but I found it pretty enjoyable. The game is janky, there's a lot of systems the game uses that are a little unclear at first but having seen where this game was in Alpha it looks better then I had personally hoped for.

    I do think the $59.99 price will be too much for those only slightly intrigued, but if you're really into Lovecraft there could be a lot here to enjoy.

  • This one I'll wait for GamePass, if it ever comes. I enjoyed The Devil's Daughter but I wouldn't buy it, at least not at full price.

  • @phbz
    I've actually been thinking of getting The Devil's Daughter, how is it overall?

  • @dmcmaster It a cool game technically modest. But I enjoyed it enough to finish it. It's mostly light hearted but it gets darker.

  • @phbz
    Cool, keep seeing it for like $6-$7 and keep thinking of snagging it

  • Played a bit more the other night, the open world opened but also exposed more jank then I saw in my first hour or so. This mostly being the kinda stuff you expect from open world games, just maybe a little more janky. Got the empty street one second, turn around and NPC are now just everywhere. They also oddly didn't animate the main character getting in or off the boat you ride around in.

    It's mostly been kinda little stuff like this (little stuff to me, how much this bothers you may differ) but man am I still enjoying this game. Right now I'm having similar feels that I had with Days Gone. There's technically issues here no doubt, but god damn if I'm not still having a great time. The investigations and case work stuff is just really enjoyable. This might start to get repetitive down the road but right now I'm still having a great time.

  • No chance I'm playing this soon but everything that I'm seeing looks pretty interesting, it kinda seems like the ambition of the game exceeded the budget and time they had, and that similar to other games it suffers of it having combat forced into it and it just being crap. I would love to see a game like this just having the confidence of completely leaving combat aside and focus on the aspects that actually make these games interesting.

  • @bard91
    I might be misremembering but I think some Cthulu game came out last year with no combat, but had a whole host of other technical jank issues

  • @dmcmaster I haven't played, but I do remember hearing there was at least one section of combat that was very bad, and that it felt shoe horned in, but yeah as far as I know it mostly kept away from it, I would just like for them to fully commit to it.

  • @bard91 While the combat isn't great I don't hate it, it's just very by the numbers when it comes to aiming/shooting. However, combat plays a role in the skill trees and bullets are also used as a currency in the game. Without it you then run into the issue of how to create tension/fear within the player. Other games would then lean more into stealth, having to run and hide. If you forgo that as well you basically have an point and click adventure game. Those are fine and good but I think the feeling this game is trying to make is to have the player feel on edge and the sound design and music do help create tension leading up to short, if not a bit janky, combat encounters.

  • This torns me because this kind of horror freaks me out so much but I LOVE detective games, and I don't mind jank at all so this is still on my radar. I will get it someday, but I want to play Sherlock Crimes and Punishment first though, that has been on my to play list forever.

  • @themarcv fair enough, you've got a more informed opinion that me on this sand those are valid arguments, in general I just want developers of having confidence in doing the games they want and not feeling they have too shoehorn in inadequate combat into a game out of the fear that it won't be seen like enough of a game to some, and maybe that was not the case here, just that they couldn't really make it much better.

  • @bam541 I'd say wait till this game goes on sale, while I've enjoyed what I've played so far I think this games price point is it's biggest flaw. I kinda assume it'll lower in price in a month or so, can also see it joining Games Pass, Xbox Live or PS+ sometime down the line.

  • @bard91 I completely understand and agree. Some form of combat is used in a lot of games where it doesn't always seem needed. I just think the bigger issue is if you don't have combat what can you put in a game to make it more engaging for the player? Like I mentioned before, it seems like stealth is another game type that gets added to add more to the over all game. I would like more devs to try and think outside of the box to add different mechanics outside of 'kill thing' or 'hide from thing'. In a game like this maybe instead of killing the creatures you have to study them, do research on them and figure out some idea/item that like repel them.

    I think this is easier said then done but I would also like more natural responses to these type of situations. In some games having combat kinda breaks the narrative, Uncharted comes to mind and is referenced often. The story is more upbeat then one would think given your character is almost always in life or death situations where they have also killed 100s of people.