Favourite off screen activities!

  • Hi allies,

    I’m just looking to see what everyone’s favourite activities are that do not involve screen time! I personally enjoy scuba diving. My job is a lot of talking, meetings, presentations, so it’s nice to escape underwater and just explore another world in a nice calm environment.

    What activities do you enjoy?

  • I make music! I don't ever record any of it, but I always enjoy jamming out.

  • I like to draw random things I see in the environment. Not people or animals, because I can't draw em' good. Also, dead objects can't be offended with my drawings so that makes me way more relaxed.

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    Oh I wish I spent more time scuba diving! been about 2 years now since I last went for a dive due to bunch of different reasons.

    I do spend a lot of time just doodling in old notebooks and what not. I try to read books just to calm down after a long day. Just putting on some calm music and read or draw are a great distraction and wind down after a long day.

  • So SCUBA diving is a big part of my work, and lately it's been kind of hard for me to actually enjoy doing it. I've been trying to sort of shift my perspective on it now that I finished a big field project, though, and am starting to have fun underwater again. In general I spend lots of time outdoors, and go on hikes, swims, casual snorkels, etc. I also work out every day and love cooking when I have the time/space/energy for it. Honestly gaming is probably the hobby I put the least time into, but I still try and get in at least an hour or so a day because I do love it and it's a nice way to detach from the real world for a while.

  • Never done scuba but I love snorkeling and it helps a lot that we have a lot of good places to see Coral Reefs here, so that's a lot of fun but not something I really do often as I generally don't go to the beach that much.

    It used to be Magic a few years back when I played competetively and very regularly and I would love to still play it as I think it is the best game out there just don't really have as much of a chance, and it has kinda be replaced by roleplaying, other than that the only thing I do regularly is playing with the dogs. I do like to do worldbuilding and fantasying and I've thought of actually starting to write some fiction but it is not something I'm doing a lot of.