EZA curates July games: What are you anticipating? What's worth checking out?

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    Thread concept:

    The basic idea is to list new games that you are interested in, as well as games you are potentially curious about or want to give wider attention to. You can briefly describe them or ask other people to help fill you in. The hope is that regular threads like these can act as a collective filter/discovery mechanism to help people decide what is worth checking out.

    "New games" means any new title that is being released or ported this month in any capacity (not "backlogs/what you are playing this month"). The angle here is sharing your anticipation and promoting game discovery (as opposed to sharing comments about a first playthrough in progress - that belongs elsewhere).


    • If you want a handy list that covers most of the major upcoming games of the month, here's one text list. Feel free to post other lists or list videos that you find useful.
    • Final request: If you are the first person to mention a game please provide (at minimum) a short sentence description. (If it is a very big AAA release though, then don't worry about it.) This is a good convention that makes the thread more useful as a discovery mechanism, and especially helps out anyone who doesn't follow the news as closely as you.

  • SolSeraph. Side scrolling platforming game with a city-building element. A spiritual successor to ActRaiser apparently. I never played ActRaiser myself but this game looks interesting.

    Youtube Video

  • @shoulderguy wow that really does look like a straight up Act Raiser game, and Ace Team always does a decent job with their games so I'm confident it would be at least decent, I'll have to keep an eye out for that.

  • July is ridiculous as it has the top 2 games on my Desire Index: Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. Plus Wolfenstein: Youngblood. All within one week of each other, I'm gonna have to make hard choices.

    Fire Emblem: Three Houses' gameplay demo at E3 really sold me, I like how they're shaking up the formula and the setting sounds fun to me. Day one unless something :

    Youtube Video

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, I have some doubts about. The Treehouse footage looked rough visually, I'm not one to care about high-end graphics but it looks like a PS2 game at times, check the video below. And the gameplay itself seems basic, I know that's kinda the point and I would have fun playing it co-op, but I still hoped it'd be a bit more varied. I'll definitely wait for reviews for this one, feels like it could easily turn out to be a stinker, but I'm hoping not!

    Youtube Video

    As for Wolfenstein: Youngblood, I love the series and this time-jump and character-swap is a good way to switch things up, so it's gonna be hard to resist. Maybe not at launch though, can't play this and Fire Emblem at the same time!

    Youtube Video

  • So hyped for Wolfenstein Youngblood. It's 30$, so I'm expecting it to be a great finish-in-one-night kind of game.

  • @axel all three of those have potential and I'm interested in them, but I don't have a ton of confidence in them, Marvel specially I just expect to be dumb fun, but Wolfenstein idk I thought the New Colossus was very bad so after that I'll be waiting to see what are the impressions.

  • Just Fire Emblem Three Houses for me but I'm mostly excited for August for Astral Chain.

  • Also, apparently Sea of Solitude comes out July 5th, according to the Giant Bomb page. If this true, that's pretty hype. I didn't know a release date was announced already.

    Youtube Video

  • @bard91 Yeah I think the only surefire hit is Fire Emblem (although not for everyone), but Marvel could range from very disappointing to good dumb co-op fun indeed.

    I didn't hate New Colossus, it had its ups and downs and was overall less solid than the first game, but I still enjoyed it. I think Youngblood will be decent at the very least, and at half-price I probably won't resist!