Who would you like to see on a gaming roundtable?

  • I have just watched Hollywood Report's Comedy Actor Roundtable, and yesterday I watched the famous sitdown conversation between DMX, Big Pun and other legendary rappers, and it got me wandering who would be interesting to watch have a conversation from the medium of gaming.

    A gaming roundtable would probably be difficult in reality, due to language barriers, but if that wasn't an issue I'd like to see Kojima, Druckman, Meier, Miyamoto, GT's KAZ, and Sam Houser.

  • Idk, but I feel Translator San should be there

  • I would love to see an all-Japan cast from all generations, from older legends such as Sakaguchi-san to modern mights like Miyazaki-san. Talking about design trends in their day and comparing them, analyzing the progression of Japan's game industry, etc. Lots of cool stuff to discuss.

  • Hard to say because there are a ton of legendary and visionary directors but I'd like to hear about some unique perspectives.

    I'd totally second wanting to hear more about Kazunori Yamauchi of Gran Turismo talk about game design. For those who don't know, he not only created the first realistic driving simulation, but he also decided to give professional racing a kick at the can and he isn't a slouch. I believe he pulled 10 min at Nurburgring in a sports sedan which is pretty impressive.

    But per game design, I know he has some really unique perspectives that you don't hear a lot. For example, when the industry was full of Mario Kart clones (some he worked on), he took it as an opportunity to introduce a simulation game that nobody else had. Likewise, while the industry pursues photo realism with every new release, Kaz aims for his games to look "better than real life".

    I want to hear more about people like him with their outside the box thinking.

  • A jam session with the best video game composers and musicians. Such as Nobuo Uematsu, Koji Kondo, David Wise, Yuzo Koshiro, Grant Kirkhope and all the greats.

  • Many may disagree, but I would find it interesting to see a roundtable with the heads of the big companies, just to see their perspective on the industry. Although I doubt they'd ever be truly out of PR mode. Maybe if it was people who have since left the industry like Jack Tretton, Peter Moore, ect.

  • @darthammii

    I think that we think this would be good but in reality, it wouldn’t be. Few CEOs are Kaz Harai’s and Regie’s.

    In reality, as Kotaku pointed out, Activision CEO takes a HUGE salary bonus while a ton of staff makes sub-minimum wage and works OT in LA and receives no bonuses for all their work. They are often just suits with no creative talent or insight on the creative process.

    By contrast, not all producers, presidents, and CEOs in film are talentless greedy leeches. They often are passionate of the craft and happen to be good at producing too.

  • @dipset I was talking about talking about the non-creative CEOs/COOs/ect, I would just find it interesting to see how those people actually think and view the business.