Your favourite game openings

  • Hey Allies. Your favourite game openings ever. I realise there's loads of 10s. Care to share. Shout out to Arkham asylum,and of course Final Fantasy 6-10 all epic.

  • Uncharted 2's opening is fantastic. That scene in the train is still the most iconic moment in the series.

  • TLOU's one of the best, for sure. They achieved so much in a span of 15-20 minutes.

    I don't know if this counts, but I remember being so thrown off by Persona 5's first few hours. The hostility from people around you, and the prevalent dark tone of the events in those hours are very effective in setting the stage for the first palace.

    The intro cutscene of Shadow of the Colossus (the new remake specifically), the one you see before the main menu, literally brings me to tears everytime I watch it. The music alone pulls my heartstrings, and the camera pans and shots in the intro itself are splendid.

  • Saints Row IV has one of the best openings. The game itself is alright but the intro was my favorite part of the whole game.

    Youtube Video

  • Haven't we had this topic before?

    @shoulderguy Still love how over the top they went with the parody.

    @paulmci27 said:

    and of course Final Fantasy 6-10 all epic

    Plus this one:
    Youtube Video

    I don't know if stuff before a title screen counts, but this really fires you up when you start the game:
    Youtube Video

    And of course the greatest one of all time, so catchy that people remember it despite the awful game it was attached to:
    Youtube Video

  • Sorry for necro-ing this thread but I forgot to mention Wolfenstein II's opening. Just started replaying the game. So much emotions already. Not to mention, running around killing nazis while still in a wheelchair is very hilarious.