I need your help with my MA dissertation Allies

  • I am a big fan of the allies and have supported their Patreon since they started out I am also MA digital humanities student at UCL working on my dissertation examining what motivates people to support YouTube creators like Easy Allies through crowdfunding. I would really appreciate it if other supporters of the allies could help out my research by filling in this anonymous survey:

    If you have any questions about the survey or my research don't hesitate to ask and again I would be really grateful if you could help me out.

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    quick and very easy and straight forwards!

  • I took part in the survey but was a bit uncertain about the “creators Patreon community” question, since they were the first I had to answer. I don’t really care for the community aspect and felt only the question starting at 15/16 relevant for me. Mostly 15-17 only.
    As I am currently have to read/ check some master thesis, let me point out that question 10.2 and 10.5 are the same question. :)

  • What does Income mean? My take home pay? My pay before tax? My annual salary?

  • I'd be glad to help but before I fill out the survey, you might want to revise it as some questions are unclear.

    QUESTION 6 - Income

    • Monthly, bi-weekly, weekly? Gross, net?

    QUESTION 7 - 13

    What does Patron's community mean? Like the greater Easy Allies or like the Patreon community? Not sure what that means.

  • Thank you for participating and for the feedback. I clarified the question about income. I deleted the repeat question.
    For the questions about community i mean the greater easy allies community. So, I changed the questions to read YouTube community and creators community instead of Patreon community.
    I hope this clarifies those questions if not let me know.

    I also added a 25$ or 20£ Amazon voucher prize draw. People who have already answered the survey can send me a chat message with their e-mail or mail fabian.kindle.18@ucl.ac.uk to also enter the draw. As stated in the survey the e-mail address will not be used for any thing but the prize draw and it will be deleted after the voucher is sent out.

  • I feel like 17 and 18 are very similar. Also, 17 has the words "fascinating", "exciting", and "interesting". Two of those words are pretty much the same thing and "exciting" isn't too far off.

  • Dissertation surveys are a guilty pleasure of mine.