Nintendo Switch Lite

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    Yeah it’s not calibration.It’s the drift. By rocketing, I mean the camera tilts down a ton. It’s most notable in Mario Odyssey and Astral Chain. Mario was my first game and it kept happening. I moved my Switch like 10 times and kept recalibrating it. My living room is like 10 feet long and I’m not even that far from the Switch. Joycon drift wasn’t really a conversation at the time so I thought I had a lemon.

    Most of my conversations in Astral Chain have the camera move on its own until it’s a top down look of the two characters conversing because it’s tilting down towards the ground. In Mario it’ll just screw you up.

  • @dipset yeah that might just be defective. Sucks to lose out of the joycon to send it in though

  • @mbun id have to try one myself but id think it would have at least that revision

  • @dipset That definitely just sounds defective. People call Joycon Drift that cause it is something gradual that gets worse over time. Something out the box doing it isn't a case of parts breaking down and causing a drift. That's just an outright defective Joycon.

    @Bigdude1 Just going off of what reviews have said. Apparently the D-Pad on the Lite doesn't.

  • @bigdude1, you can't even play every switch game with the switch lite.

    games with a big emphasis on motion controls like Super Mario Party and 1, 2, Switch require you to fork out more money and buy a seperate joy con if you want to play them.

  • @yoshi yeah but its cheaper.

  • @bigdude1 Again, you don't actually save money from it being cheaper when it forces you later to go buy separate Joycon anyway, when your analog sticks break down with drift and can't be replaced, or when you want to buy a separate controller because the D-Pad is garbage. Or just when you decide you want to play one game on a television and can't even just buy a separate dock and instead have to buy a whole new system capable of that.

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  • @mbun sounds more like you are trying to justify it to yourself by blowing everything out of proportion.

    Im not getting it but you don’t see me crying about it

  • @bigdude1 I'm just saying it isn't really worth it. I see lots of people looking at it like $100 off is a big boon, and it really isn't. If Lite had the best battery life or could fit in your pocket or just anything that really justified it that'd be one thing, but Nintendo went and redid the normal Switch so there's really no point to getting a Lite.

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