The Legend of Heroes: Trails of/in thread

  • Since this is a subject that is brought up ocassionally in various parts, and taking advantage of the interview Ben had with the president of Falcom, I think it would be good to create a thread to talk about the upcoming Trails of Cold Steel 3, but since this series of games are tied to an already existing series I think it would be good to have simply a general thread.

    Youtube Video

    Since this is not a widely known series and there are plenty of games in it I think it would be good to list them and clarify what platforms they are available on.

    Trails in the Sky First Chapter (PSP, PC) (Vita only in Japanase)

    Trails in the Sky Second Chapter (PC) (PSP and Vita only in Japanese)

    Trails in the Sky The Third (PC) (PSP and Vita only in Japanee)

    Zero no Kiseki (PC, PSP and Vita only in Japanese) (fan translated)

    Ao no Kiseki (PSP, Vita in Japanese, PC in Chinese) (fan translated)

    Trails of Cold Steel (Vita, PS3, PS4 and PC)

    Trails of Cold Steel 2 (Vita, PS3, PS4 and PC)

    Trails of Cold Steel 3 (PS4 coming out in english in September)

    Trails of Cold Steel 4 (PS4 only in Japanese, likely 2020 in English)

    As you may see that is a lot of games, and in various platforms to boot, now the big question, do you need to play all of the previous games before playing the new ones? Depending on who you ask you'll get an absolute yes, to just a recommendation, I personally think it is only recommended, I'll expand on this.

    The story of these games are connected and the characters and events of previous games are referenced in the later ones, however at least in the ones released so far it is not something that gets in the way of enjoying the games, people say that in Cold Steel 3 this is not as true, but both NISA and Falcom have said that it can be played first and it contains infromation for people to not be lost.

    If you play all the games you'll get a richer experience, and most importantly you'll play great games. Many people, including myself started with Cold Steel and went back, and I've loved the whole experience out of order and to anyone intimidated by the prospect of all of this JRPGs I would recommend simply trying Cold Steel and seeing how you like them.

    I do not pretend these games are for everyone, the opposite actually, and I would say you need to have a tolerance for the following.

    • Slow starts and build ups

    • Pretty basic visuals and presentation

    • Turn based combat (lots of it)

    • Lots of exposition, excessive at times

    Basically being able to tolerate a JRPG ass JRPG, if this is something you don't mind, you are likely to enjoy what I would consider one of the best modern jrpg franchises with 7 games readily available to play (soon 8).

    So yeah feel free to share any news or comment on anything related to the series, I'm currently playing the fan translation of Zero and looking forward a lot to the release of Cold Steel 3, I think the series while not having broad appeal does have qualities that a lot of people would enjoy and maybe have never really heard or tried it so feel free to ask about it as well.

    Best places to start with the series

    Trails in the Sky FC (The ideal place and a potato with a led display can probably play this and it is pretty cheap on GoG)

    Trails of Cold Steel (Latest arc all available on PS4)

  • After hearing so much about this series I ended up getting trails of cold steel 1 for PS3 couple years ago. I only put about maybe 5 hours in but I really enjoyed what I played. My personal play style with games is that I get a lot of games and it's honestly really hard for any one game to stay in play so hopefully you don't read just playing it for 5 hours as a bad thing. Like Bard91 said if you like classic JRPG this game is for you, no doubt. At some point I'll end up getting all the cold steel games and maybe when im retired play through them all and have a blast doing it.

  • As a person who played Cold Steel first( thanks Musou and @Minamik i believe me and @bard91 started around the same time). its a perfectly valid place to start with Cold Steel, how ever if you go back and play The Sky Trilogy afterwards one of the major story beats and plot twists in the game is spoiled for you. It did not lessen my enjoyment of the game what so ever.

  • Personally speaking I'd recommend the Sky trilogy first. The whole Kiseki series is one giant interweaving story, and you'll get more out of it playing them in order. My laptop is from 2011, so I can confirm that the pc versions of the Sky games run perfectly well on just about anything, haha.

    All said, personally I much prefer the Sky trilogy to the Cold Steel games, as I feel they get bogged down in too much Persona type mechanics (social links, etc.) which drag down things like character growth unless you're going through multiple playthroughs to view all options.

  • @minamik ps4 version allows you to have enough to do it in one play through

  • Cold Steel 3 delayed a while, apparently to pull it out of the crowded September time slot which makes a lot of sense, and gives me plenty of time to catch up on Zero and Ao so I can't say I'm even slightly sad.

  • @bard91 yea l agree lets me play zero and ao

  • Randy is becoming one of my favorite characters he cracks me up all the time

  • Cold Steel 3 is not out until next week, but reviews are already up and they are looking pretty good, I'm not really reading anything about them though seems I'm 100% in.

    And particularly relevant a review from someone that had never played a Trails game before, which still puts the game in a pretty positive light for people thinking about just jumping in, also remember that there's a a demo out for PS4.

    I probably won't be starting the game until a couple of weeks, after I'm done replaying Cold Steel II, but man am I excited.

  • I'm really looking forward to it. It's been rated and reviewed for some time now though and it's always been positive. Day one for me.

  • @sheria its currently being processed for by amazon got the email the other day