The Witcher (Netflix)

  • Henry Cavill plays Geralt of Rivia when The Witcher debuts on Netflix later this year.

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  • This looks pretty sick. I only read one of the books, one of the short stories one, so it's mostly new to me which is exciting. Cavill looks great, maybe not as gruff as I would like him to be but it's no biggie.

  • Having read all the books, I'm super pumped for this. Lauren S. Hissrich really seems passionate about the project, and I'm confident she'll bring the world of Witcher to life.

    I'm a little worried about how the first season follows the short stories though. I completely understand why as some very important story moments happen in them, but I wonder how the format of the show will change when they reach the main books. I'm just concerned the transition will be a little jarring. That said, I think I'm thinking a little too far ahead.

    Edit: I just watched the trailer, and though I could be misremembering, I'm pretty sure I saw a few moments that did not take place during the short stories, but rather the main books. I have no clue how this is gonna work now.

  • Not enough twirling
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  • As long as the first episode is his encounter with Foltest and his daughter in its entirety, I’ll be happy. That quick shot of Gerald with the chain looks promising.

    Also, the chat with Nivellan better be as cozy as I imagined in my head.

  • This looks very.... TV-ish to me. It doesn't have that kind of believable set design and costume as, say, The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire. This looks a bit more Power Rangers-y for me to really get into it.

    This is more of a me-thing than an actual criticism to be honest. I have a really hard time taking TV shows seriously unless they nail the tone, art, writing, and acting all-in-one perfect harmony. Otherwise, I feel taken out and disconnected.

    As a fan of The Witcher, I'll give it the ol college try.

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    I'm feeling some good vibrations from this. And sounds like Cavill has been listening to Doug Cockle's interpretation of Geralt quite a bit. Which I'm totally fine with.

  • still needs more twirling

    I guess since it's based on the books and not the game (trademark pending) they don't have to be as twirly. But my Geralt doesn't fight like a regular human.

  • Some of the visuals (esp. set and costume design) look pretty rough to me and I'm not a fan of the muted color palette, but the action looks great and I like Henry Cavill so I'm in.

  • This is the first time I am excited for the series.

  • The Witcher | Character Introduction: Geralt of Rivia | Netflix
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    The Witcher | Character Introduction: Princess Cirilla | Netflix
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  • All eight episodes (an hour each) are now on Netflix. Just watched the first one, and man, Henry Cavill's good. Won me over in no time. His voice alone makes a huge difference, it resembles that familiar sound you heard Cockle speaking throughout the game(s). Love it. The make-up and the costume also work very nicely, Geralt looks convincing.

    And the fight coreographies seem to be very enjoyable to follow. Smooth and deathly strikes with the sword(s), but also very flamboyant in a good way. Meaning the sword handling just looks really sweet. And it all seems to be shot from far enough and without constant edits or cuts, so it's easy to follow and enjoy.

    Ciri's actress was also a pleasant surprise, easy to get behind her, I felt. And Lars Mikkelsen played a solid side part, cool.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I like to read that the action scenes seem to be shot without constant cuts. This series has come just in time for these lazy student Christmas days, I've been craving some medieval action. Interesting that you mention the swordplay, Men's Health recently published a video about some of Henry Cavill's training routines to better his arm and leg movement for this show.

  • Just saw the first episode, and I liked it. I'm very curious as to how they are going to move this story forward though, because if they stick to the original plan of following the short stories, they are gonna run out of Ciri material fast.

  • I finished this first season and I enjoyed it, even though I generally agree with the critical consensus that it could be better. I had fun and I'll definitely watch season 2. It's very good from a visual standpoint, in that they show a lot of monsters, swordplay or gruesome things that other shows don't. I liked the characterization, it makes the world seem credible, even if it's a fantasy setting. It also doesn't disguise the fantasy elements, which I think it's one of the show's strengths. I didn't have much contact with The Witcher before this series and as such I don't know almost anything about its world, but I could still follow the different plots and establish a parallel between them. However, I frequently felt like some detail or event was missing. Another issue for me was the poor dialogue, I hope they improve it.