The Village Monsters Dev Diary!

  • I've been meaning to resurrect this topic for a while!

    Hey, my name is Josh and I've been an ally for a long while. In early 2017 I quit my job (after a long time scrimping and saving) to make a major change: becoming a indie game developer. I've been working on Village Monsters ever since!

    I used to have a dev log here but fell off of it to focus more on development. Since then I've done tons of work and am nearing a really major milestone: releasing my first game!

    Phew, ok, let's look at the boilerplate...

    Quick Info

    Village Monsters is an open-ended village life set in the world of a long-forgotten video game. You play as a human living in a community of (mostly) friendly monsters

    Live a different kind of life in a different kind of world!

    • Befriend dozens of whimsical monster villagers, each with their own quirky personalities, interests, and problems to solve.

    • Engage in a variety of daily tasks and activities like earning money with a part time job, joining in village events and holidays, going on adventures - or just hanging out with your monster pals and watching some TV.

    • Buy a fixer-upper and sink your entire life savings into it to make it your very own comfy-cozy homestead.

    • Pursue many interesting hobbies that let you hunt for treasure, collect and train creatures, cultivate mushroom gardens, and catch legendary fish.

    • Unravel unique personal stories as you build friendships and learn the history (and secrets) of the village and its inhabitants.

    • Explore vast and strange areas outside the village ranging from vibrant forests, arctic deserts, fog-choked valleys, and the ruins of a best-forgotten empire.

    • Immerse yourself in a truly simulated world that boasts shifting weather patterns, sweeping seasonal changes, and interesting system interactions.

    • Harness the glitches of a run-down game and use them to empower your skills and fix this neglected world.

  • Yo, this looks really cool!

  • New trailer is up!

    Youtube Video

    It's been nearly 2 years since the last one, so it was long overdue. I know I've made a lot of progress because I can't even look at my old trailer without getting violently ill all over my keyboard and monitor. Hopefully this one ages better

  • and now the new demo is up! Wow!
    (Available on Windows, Mac and Linux)

    It's free and available to everyone, so why not try it out, eh?

    I've had really tremendous response to this demo compared to the last one I put out in January. Gives me a great deal of hope that maybe this whole thing will work out after all