Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (Switch)

  • Sup Allies,

    Just noticed there didn't seem to be a thread for this game. Am I the only one playing this? Personally I'm not very far yet (mid-way through chapter 3) but I'm enjoying it so far. I've ran into some camera issues and am already seeing hero's sharing moves but I was just so ready to play a marvel beat'em/diablo game these issues aren't decreasing my enjoyment. Have a feeling this will be my second screen game for a while, perfect to play while watching videos or listening to podcast.

    Also love they are adding some characters for free and I'm pretty much sold for the DLC as well. I know it's unlikely but really hoping some how Squirrel Girl is added as well.

  • I'm playing it too!

    I'm also not too far in, just started chapter 4, I'm playing exclusively co-op with my girlfriend and we're having even more fun than I expected. It hits the sweet spot between button-mashing fun and still demanding enough to not be brain-dead.

    The boss fights have been interesting too, they all have a unique mechanic that makes them stand out, although all of them so far have been classic videogame fare (throw his projectiles back at him, lure him to an electrified spot, etc.)

    And I know most reviews complained about having to level up each character individually, which means if you ignore Iron Man for a couple missions his level will be so far behind you can't really use him anymore. We're facing that problem now but I honestly don't mind, I've replayed a level with a brand new team to give them a boost, played some Infinity Trials too (also good practice for advanced techniques), and used some XP cubes earned throughout to immediately jump a few guys by 3-4 levels.

    Overall it's very gamey, very old-school, and quite clunky at times (the camera really does freak out, but so far it's never made the game unplayable or caused any unfair deaths, it's mostly during traversal, not combat). But if you like Marvel, it's pure joy!

  • @axel

    Awesome, I should really try playing this with my wife, she dug Diablo so she might really like this. I'm with you on the leveling stuff, though now the grind is getting a little less fun. Up to level 20 there's a pretty good carrot on the stick, that being unlocking new moves every 5 levels. After that you're just get stronger and can open up more ISO slots (also get points to upgrade moves as well).

    I've been playing solo tho, playing with someone else could make this grind more enjoyable but as of now I'm mostly rerunning levels over and over to level up heros. My problem is a like a lot of the heros so i'm trying to level like 15 heros at once. Still really enjoy it but I might need to tone down how much grinding im doing as it is starting to feel just a little stale.

  • Had to stop playing a while because fire emblem came out but im decently far into it. really like the online play a lot!

  • @bigdude1 I know what you mean. Because of a shipping delay, I ended up with Ultimate Alliance 3 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses on the same day. I had to go with Fire Emblem. Even though it's a longer game.