EZA Fantasy Football (NFL) 2019: Week 9

  • Count me in. The Squirtle Squad will not lose in a humiliating way in the finals this year.

  • @dipset said in EZA Fantasy Football (NFL) 2019: The Road to Glory (sign up phase):

    Don't count me in YET but I'm interested. Are there auto-picks if I'm busy one week or something like that? I only started watching NFL again for the first time in years cause I have the time now. I plan on watching more this season but I still feel pretty outta the loop regarding good players and stuff.

    It’s a season long league, so you only need to draft on draft day. The only thing you have to do week by week is adjust your line up as needed or add/drop players.

    But there is an auto draft feature if you can’t make the draft. However you can draft straight from the ESPN Fantasy app (it’s actually how I’d recommend drafting. It’s better than the desktop site) so even if you’re out you can make your picks as long as you’re willing to check in every few minutes.

  • I'm definitely in. 3rd time running for the Rufus Rhinos baby! Is Kyle back this year?

  • @Peter maybe DM some of the people who were in the league over the past 2 seasons to ask if they want back in. I almost forgot about the league as I don't come to the forums as much, so maybe others are the same, but there's still a decent chance we can get at least 8 people. Maybe ask Kyle to point people here one of his streams if need be.

  • I had planned on taking this year off of fantasy but if you have an uneven number of players and need a fill-in, I'll see what I can do.

  • I don’t have a twitter account that I actively use so I can’t reach out to Kyle, and I don’t really want to bug him about it anyways. If he wants in he’s more than welcome though. We still have plenty of time to hit the 8 person minimum, but if we’re still struggling next week I might head over to the EZA thread on resetera to see if anyone there would want in. I think there’s a pretty decent overlap between these two communities.

  • Time to defend my title, I'm in

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    Put me in again as well.

  • Wow, it looks like the entire forum is joining in the fun

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    @iboshow The only way it could be more popular is if Kyle got involved, or maybe if we pinged all the previous participants...

  • Alright count me in

  • We hit the minimum! I’ll make a league and send out the invites during the week! We still have four remaining spots, so if you want in don’t be shy!

  • We still doing this? We're about a week out from the draft

  • I'd be interested in joining if there's still a spot open!

  • Hello everyone! I'm sorry for the delay I had a computer problem during the week, but now that everything is taken care of I have reactivated the league! I will send a message with a link to join the league to everyone who has signed up so far. If you haven't signed up but still want to play you have until August 31st at 5:00pm EST!

  • @sammerblammer You are more than welcome to join! but we need another person before I can send you an invite! Unfortunately we need an even number of players, but if another person wants to join I'll send the both of you an invite.

  • Seems like I will finally have a year where I have some time to invest in this. Count me in to even up the numbers.

  • I feel like it should be mentioned I have never played Fantasy Football before. I've always watched football, but I know absolutely nothing about the Fantasy strategies. Be ready for some unorthodox stuff!

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    @Capnbobamous No worries, I definitely suggest doing some Mock Drafts in the App. My advice, as a person who has tried some unorthodox stuff in the draft phase the past few years, you're better off drafting good RB's and WR's than any other position. I've tried grabbing amazing QBs and D/STs early... It's never worked out well. I'm always hurting for a good RB later.

  • everybody look forward to Capn Bob winning the league this year