What was one of the most challenging/stressful moments in your life

  • For me, when I think of a very stressful time of my life. My time in college always come to mind. It was a big jump from High School, work expectation wise and more time demanding. Fortunately I did take some college courses in my last year of high school. To prepare and show me what was going to be expected of me as a college student.

    But that turned out to be half of the problem. The other half was how socially isolated I was going to be for most of my time in college. I went to a good school. But it was a commuter college that would appeal more to a person who works and goes to school (or has kids). Not so much for a full time student who had little interaction with anyone in and out of college. There was also limited extra curricular activities on campus. And with some of those activities in and out of campus locked out to those with under 30-45 credits. I did find a nice community in the college boxing club during my last semester of college. But that still leaves out a chunk of my college days where I had to be ok with being a loner most of the time.

  • Cool post, I like when these forums branch out from just games, games, games.

    My most stressful time was about a year ago. I was working as a manager at a call center, pulling in 50-60 hour weeks (getting paid well, but not for all those extra hours), and overall just not living my life. I'd watch hardworking peers get fired for any silly reason (one was taken down for eating candy), and as each of them went down, I had to carry their workload. It got to a point where the amount of work that was expected of me was actually impossible for any human to attain, unless I started diving into the 80-90 hour territory a week. I became riddled with anxiety and so focused on proficiency, I lost all sense of humor and sight of who I am. It got to the point where I became suicidal and just didn't see the point in living anymore.

    Whew, that got dark, but it's not all doom and gloom! Once I finally had enough, I just walked in and quit one day. I had enough saved to just take 6 months away from any sort of work and I just relaxed, focused on doing things I enjoy (like getting that platinum in Final Fantasy 7). I found a job I absolutely love coming into and even though it pays less, I have my life back.

    Is it any coincidence I found this job the same week EZA was founded? I think not.

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    For me it has been many phases thats been ups and downs.

    Let's skip the emo teenage years, lol.

    4 years ago I moved from Sweden to UK for starting university life. This was stressfull in a way of leaving my parents, starting a whole new life and coming into a different culuture/language which were stressfull at the start. Things went well until about last year around this time. I were staying with my parents over the summer, I had just had this HUGE fight with my girlfriend that lived over in UK. The phone rings and its the housing from university that tells me that I can't move into the room that I were promised. Know that there only were a few weeks until term started again I had this period of panic attacks and felt so alone. Not knowing where to live, not knowing how things were between me and my gf as well as some other tuff crumbling on the side. Life sucked.

    Now is a period of more... I dont know. I have just finished university and I feel more lost than anything. What lies infront of me now? I got a job that I will start on tuesday, however already it feels like the small team I will work with expect bigger things from me than I can deliver. This have made me nervous, however I know that I havnt done my first day yet, so I shouldnt worry too much. The biggest thing are that it is a 3months trial first, which means that if I cant stay after these months Im stuck again. The next problem are where to live (again). I got contract where I live now for another month, however I now need to find a room I can rent and pay like month by month, I am not sure where to start and I dont dare to sign up for a long house contract as I am not sure if I can pay the rent in 3 months time... and gawds knows what happens then. \o/

    Yeah.. other than all that... Im happy... haha

  • This isn't necessarily quantified into a fixed occurrence, and I'm only in my mid twenties, but it was ultimately the pursuit of 'personality' self confidence. Not being able to perpetually move forward on your own motivation hinders everything from your occupational skills, your comfort level toward experiencing lives boundaries, and perhaps even your ability to trust your peers. There isn't really a demand nor a source of justification for me to meticulously manicure a five paragraph ode to my struggles n' strifes, but some of the tender is there covering a myriad of hardship from parental loss, financial uncertainty, family suicide, PTSD, female rejection, unemployment, ect.

    And this is life. It's on par. Deplorable, but on par. And I'm not going to juxtapose my memoir next to a list of reasons I can check off why this shouldn't have happened to me. I was sheltered, not by my parents, but the rural nature of small town life. Just me and the internet super highway. You too had your noggin jammed into a CRT monitor for the better part of a decade, didn't you? Hey, we are a duo then. My comedic draw bag, conversational interests, movie preferences, and love of niche technology consisted of things that were not cultivated from common peer discussion. My natural, unmodified character distanced me from fellow students. The isolation as a kid made me struggle when a large group of people just happen to interject into my organized plan to leave everyone the hell alone. I was physically bullied, mocked for being scholastically challenged, never invited to anything, and rejected by any of the women I asked out. All of this bullshit made me sensitive and modify my existence as to not appear "weird" "un-normal" or "not popular." Normal is a facsimile for people who cling onto top 100 billboard listings and the marketisation of over priced commodities. The moment you dismantle this notion that life is supposed to be tailored in a fashion that everyone will like you unanimously is the day you are free. Be the weird little nerdy hobbit that the noodles in your head desires. Do you. Only you have a franchise on you.

    In essence, my quintessential struggle was that I just needed to come to the realization that being unique is an intrinsic part of human nature. OUTGOING SELF CONFIDENCE is the basis of what PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELF are drawn too, and provided you can be that in combination of a decent/considerate human being, you just might find out that you too are like a lot of people within society.

  • This thread needs hugs.
    HUG CHECK! <3

    My story is that my family moved when I was 8 years old. I went from a great school to a bad one, when no one took it kindly on a new kid. So without going into details (for my sake), I consider that I lost about 6 years of my childhood from that moment. The only friend I had then was with me only because he exploited money from me. Highschool was much frendlier environment, but because of the earlier years, I was in my angsty teenage period. Still, some of my best memories are from highschool and I look back fondly on it. I had a small group of friends, more than half of which turned out to be worse people than they innitially showed. And now, I'm in my second year of collage, with trust issues and inability to start a connection or an relationship with any other person and with no idea what to do in the future. I genuinely have no idea.
    I learned early that if you don't reach out first, other people won't care about you. And I'm fine with that, because all whishful thinking has only lead me to disappointment.
    Except for video games. They were always great. And you guys are awesome. Thx for being here. :D

  • College right out of high school, and the depression that came with it.

    I already wasn't doing too well in general, being somewhat socially awkward and depressed/medicated at the time. Friends all went in different directions and were constantly busy, and I felt incapable of creating new friendships. I had a girlfriend at the time, but it wasn't enough to stop the slow degeneration of my loneliness. It kept getting worse and worse, to the point where all I could feel was stress. I was numb to pretty much any other feeling/emotion, which led me towards some pretty abhorrent self-destructing behaviour, which, well, resulted in me getting hospitalized for a little more than a month at the very end of my program. Ended up passing my final exam at the hospital.

    It's a very dark period of my life, one that most of my family/friends try to generally not talk about, but it's a reminder that things can turn sour pretty damn easily, and now my entourage notices much more when things seem to go bad for me. It's not the easiest thing to talk about, but when people you love about honestly ask you if you're thinking of doing the unthinkable again, it kind of feels like a wake-up slap. It makes you realize that people still care, and there are still reasons to go on.

    I feel that might have been too much information, but it's already all written. And what the hell, it feels good to get shit off of your chest.

  • These are some really great personal stories and testimonies. I personally see the value of being vunerable to a community. To show imperfection, weakness, strength, endurance, and moments where we may lack some faith. To show others they aren't alone in their struggles, and its perfectly normal to have rough moments in our lives.

    I should mention that while I never seriously considered or acted on this. Suicide did cross my mind in college. And I did had to fight those thoughts. My personal relationship with Christ healed many broken areas in me. Including my desire and inability to enter into a relationship. I'm almost 26 now and ok with not dating. Couldn't say that 6 years ago for sure. Still would like a relationship in the right time and with the right person. But I'm ok now with not settling for anything less than what fits me.

  • Almost getting deported from the country I was trying to build a life in.

    After i moved to Canada, bought a house here, got engaged, i received a letter from immigration that they were cutting my work visa and had 90 days to leave the country.

    I had to stop working overnight and had to find a way back into the country or my life would actually fall apart.

    It all turned out ok in the end, thanks to the 7 Dragon Balls, but yeah, that was terrible.