What Video Game Beat You

  • We all remember and relish those times we finally beat a challenging video game; just knocking it off the to-do list can be enough for some people. Sometimes however, the game can unfortunately beat you and we ultimately throw in the towel.

    What game has caused YOU to throw in the towel? I'm looking for a game that simply beat you with its challenge and you ultimately ditched it for good.

  • Baba is You is a really cool game but unfortunately I was born with Trashbrain so I only ever got about 70 puzzles deep. I coulda looked up a guide but at that point there's no reason to play a puzzle game anyway.

  • I remember playing the original God of War with a friend on hard until the conveyor belts. We tried for days before caving and dropping to normal.

    More recently, Uncharted 4 I played on crushing until the mansion. Same deal, days of effort only to eventually concede.

    In my younger years? Pretty much every NES and Genesis game I came across.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern If we're counting our younger years then I never managed to get past that one staircase in Chemical Plant Zone in Sonic 2 as a kid. Not sure why that was so hard for me. Granted I still haven't beaten the game to this day but that's more because as an adult I just don't have the patience for the nosedive in quality that game takes once you reach Oil Ocean and Wing Fortress in particular is just a pain in the ass with its constant bottomless pits.

  • Ni No Kuni 1, not really beat me but had a string of incidents happen every time I turned the game on.

  • Tekken Force in Tekken 3 was something I couldn't even conquer. Doctor B in that, to be more precise. I love the game to death, but that one thing made me cry.

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    Most recently, I quit the last boss on Sekiro. I had two choices. Fail twice a dozen times over the course of a few hours or spend what valuable time I have watching some movies and TV shows. Why bother when I've seen most of what the game has to offer? The times I would spend hundreds of hours on a Souls game are over.

  • @ezekiel why I quit Bloodborne. Feels like I probably could have done it but dying so many times just became a chore

  • Bloodborne - As someone who always used shields and magic in Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3. Switching to guns for defense never fully clicked for me. The poor frame-rate and long loading times didn't help matters. I eventually made my way to some turret guy, who murdered me about 50 times before I finally quit.

  • So many imbalanced Doom 2 megawads that would fit this thread perfectly... but here are 3 other games that I could come up with instead:

    Volgarr The Viking - I really enjoy the game, but I fell off when I got to one of the early bosses (the water level, 2nd boss I think). I could tell it would take a bunch of attempts of rebeating the level to discern his pattern of moving around the room, and he was just killing me too quickly each time.

    DustForce DX - another game I really enjoy but fell off. Even after playing so many levels I still had control issues/movement techniques that don't feel second nature.

    La-Mulana is a recent one for me. And it may have defeated me through sheer obscurity rather than challenge... I still have to give my save file a 2nd attempt, but I expect to require looking up a hint or two on what to do in the area I'm stuck at.

    Not necessarily proper answers I admit because part of me wants to push through once I'm interested enough. A 'throw in the towel' moment suggests there is a point where you are stuck for a while and realize the game has passed the limit of how much effort you are willing to give to any game. I feel that's pretty rare... I'm much more likely to lose interest before losing determination.

  • @chocobop said in What Video Game Beat You:

    Not necessarily proper answers I admit because part of me wants to push through once I'm interested enough. A 'throw in the towel' moment suggests there is a point where you are stuck for a while and realize the game has passed the limit of how much effort you are willing to give to any game. I feel that's pretty rare... I'm much more likely to lose interest before losing determination.

    That's definitely a big reason why my answer was a puzzle game. I can brute force my through a challenge in an action game if the game makes me want to succeed hard enough. But when a puzzle just completely destroys me and I'm not willing to use guides, I can't really apply the same strategy.

  • Fallout 1. The lack of hand holding and the obtuseness of the game is just too much for me. Same thing applies to Resident Evil Remake, and that game is also super scary.

    Persona 3. Played it on normal and I just can't take the difficulty spike on one of the mini bosses. The boredom of climbing up Tartarus was also catching up on me. I did blast through the game on easy a few months later.

    As a kid, I remember quitting Brothers in Arms Hells Highway near the end because there was a part with a few jumpscares that scared me and I don't know how many of em' will show up again so I just quit it out of fear. There's not a single "scary" moment in the game up until this. Needless to say, this was the most challenging thing in the whole game for me, lol.

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    Back when I was younger I rented Silent Hill 2 from my local game store.
    I waited until everybody had gone to sleep and then booted it up. Quite terrified, I somehow made it to the hotel. The creepy red guy standing on the other side of the bars in that hallway was the worst.
    Somehow I managed to make it to the other building and got out on the other side. At that point I noped out and tried to wake up my step brother to see if he wanted to play with me.

    Years later I actually played the game and beat it, but my first experience was horrifying.

  • In recent memory, The Last Guardian. I got fed up with the gameplay and how bad the game controlled so at one point I gave up and never touched it again.

  • as of recent. Sekiro. I stopped playing it.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Still remember my first time playing Silent Hill 2, parents were away, had our "big" tv and sound system available was maybe about 7-8ish at night after a week or so after daylight saving time so it was dark real early.

    Then I hear a knock in the game, I jump remind myself it's not real, then another knock happens only louder and from behind me, then the knocking turned to banging.

    I freaked out for a moment before finally checking the door, just a neighbor that was checking up on me.

  • Basically echoing @el-shmiablo 's experience with Silent Hill 2, it was spring 2003 and I decided to be a brave 8 year old one day at Blockbuster with my step dad who didn't give a fuck and let me rent Resident Evil 0

    Some context - a few weeks before this incident, I found myself talking with some older kids on the playground. If I was in grade 3, they were in grade 4 or 5. They asked me what video games I play and I told them GameCube. The somewhat slightly older kids laughed at me and told me GameCube is for little kids and the only good game on the system is Resident Evil. I didn't know what to say because I thought my GameCube was pretty damn cool. I also told them I had a PS2 but the games I had on PS2 weren't good enough for them either. Apparently I should be playing SOCOM online which I hadn't even heard of at the time.

    So skip ahead to Blockbuster and in my head I wanted to play Super Mario Sunshine but I also wanted to try the cool game Resident Evil. Well the coward in me won, so I grabbed Sunshine but when I got home, we saw that somebodies dog must've eaten the disc. It looked completely chewed up and broken. So back to the store we go... I knew what was to come when we got back to the store... I was gonna ask for Resident Evil 0.

    MORE CONTEXT - I had actually tried Resident Evil remake in the past. I made it about as far as opening up the door to leave the mansion when the dogs run in before I cowered in fear. But not this time, I'm older and stronger!

    I rent Resident Evil 0 which was pretty new at the time. I pop it into my GameCube and start the game. The opening cutscenes play and so far so good, these movies aren't even thaaaat scary. I recently had watched a scary movie as well so I felt like top shit. I walk through the first train car. This is a breeze! Then into the second train car a cutscene plays where a zombie train conductor walks towards you. Again - not tooooo scary. But then the game lets you play and you're actually being surrounded by zombies from the front AND back!! My heart went 0-100 and I was shooting mercilessly but really was just embracing for impact. One zombie gets my neck and I just cowered head in hands then jumped onto my bed in sheer fear. I had to turn the system off and when I managed to, I had to just sit there and breathe for like 2 minutes.

    Back to the Blockbuster. This time they had a NEW return of Sunshine so I got that normal not eaten up copy and the rest is history. Also - skip ahead to late 2004 and my friends older brother had SOCOM II which I remembered being the cool older kid game. We played it and I had never heard of 'online' before. I took my paper route savings and went to Best Buy and they were so ignorant to 'ethernet' and 'routers' over there that I had to teach the store employee what I needed. Lo and behold SOCOM II ended up being one of my all time favourites so the older kids were right about something.

    Never went back to Resident Evil 0. I've also heard its low key trash and probably can be skipped unless you're die hard into Resident Evil.

  • Ninja Gaiden 2, I was doing ok with it but then I reached a boss that was like a water dragon which you fought in the middle of a lake or something, easily like 50 tries and not in one of them did I feel I was even close to making significant progress, I've meant to go back to it but my 360 is not looking super hot and haven't plugged in in a while.

    Other than that, not that many I just cheat and look online what I have to do when I run into roadblocks.

  • Dragon Quest 7 (3DS), and most recently Dragon Quest 8 (3DS).

    I got 30 hours into DQ7, and had no more gas in the tank. What killed my momentum was the fragment system. Without spoiling anything, there's a part of the game where it's easy to miss a fragment reward from an NPC, and subsequently get stonewalled unless you remember or look it up. The fragment compass won't even ding when you're near that specific NPC for whatever reason.

    With DQ8, I just got gradually worn down by the tedious quest design after 20 hours.
    One non-spoiler example:

    • you need to get a vehicle out of a ditch.

    • You go to a library to read about the vehicle's history to figure out why it's in the ditch.

    • Then you meet a mechanic who can remove the vehicle. Oops, the mechanic's wrench breaks.

    • So you visit a royal dude that you helped, but their super-wrench just got nicked by a group of underground crypto-mechanics. You beat up the crypto-mechanics, get the super-wrench, go back to the mechanic, and then get your boat out.

    This type of quest line keeps repeating where wrinkles are added to your objectives seemingly just to pad things out. It evokes the feeling of going to the post-office, getting in-line to mail your parcel, getting out of line to get that one form you missed, getting back in line, etc.

    I had intended to play the whole series (except for IX and X), but only got so far as finishing DQ1 through DQ6. I really didn't expect to find DQ8 so abrasive.

  • I've really enjoyed reading your reply's. Thanks everyone.

    For me it has to be Super Ghouls and Ghosts. Ghosts and Goblins on the Nes I could finish, but not this follow up. I tried back with its initial release, through a number of ports and most recently on my Snes Mini. I honestly get nowhere with it, the second level is my all time best. But even then, no matter how familiar I am with level one, I still screw up frequently. Right now I honestly feel I've thrown in the towel for this one, time will tell I guess.