What Games do you Want to see Made in to Movies/TV Shows/Anime etc.?

  • I've been watching the Persona 4 anime (original not golden), and reading the manga. It's made me think, what games should be made into movies/tv shows/anime etc.?

    For me, I'd love to see a Ni No Kuni Movie.
    alt text
    My ghibli love runs deep and this seems like the perfect Ghibli movie idea. It practically is a Ghibli movie already, and there are so many scenes in that game I'd love to see fully animated.

    I'd also love to see a Persona 2 movie. It's the 20th anniversary and it's time the earlier games get some love. Plus the anime trailer for the game was rad and I want more.
    Radical Trailer

  • A Pokemon Origins series for each generation of Pokemon would be a dream come true for me. Those four episodes of Origins demolish every season of the Pokemon anime combined. Making them longer than four episodes would be a must. And maybe they could go back and expand on the parts of Origins that were rushed in the recaps at the beginning of each episode.

    It would have been great to get a Halo movie at some point, live action or CG would have been fine. I'm surprised it never happened in the first place. Not sure if the ship has sailed on that now. Halo as a series doesn't have the huge backing it used to.