Don't Skip: Deep Rock Galactic

  • I've been playing this game on and off for about a year now with 3 friends, and even though it's early access, we've had so much fun since it came out, and they keep updating and improving it. It's such a unique game, and I know nothing like it.

    I'm curious if anyone else here is playing it, and what they think. And if someone can recommend any similar games?

    I'll try to describe the game through as much pictures as possible, because I think that will do much more than plain text. (The trailers are good too)

    In short, you play as dwarves with axes, in a team of max. 4, with each a unique role, and you go and shoot critters and mine gold (and other resources) in random cave systems.

    Some notable unique highlights:

    • Procedural cave systems. no level is the same.
    • Light plays an essential role, you can throw flares to temporarily light up the dark caves, in order to progress. This creates a unique type of tension.
    • Unique team roles, every class has some unique weapons and tools to help get through the caves
    • Verticality! (for real)

    Gameplay breakdown:
    You start the game in a hub and select the gametype, then step into a giant drilling machine and get dropped in a random cave system.
    From there on you have to work together to reach your goals, most times mining small ore pockets while not getting attacked by in the back by enemies. Then carry the resources back to your mobile robot Molly and deposit them.
    Now and again you'll have swarm events, and swarms of various creatures will gang up on you, and you'll have to try to stand your ground, until moving on and collecting resources, until you've reached the desired amount for your mission.
    0_1565867201377_Deep-Rock-Galactic (1).jpg
    Then you'll be backtracking to the caves in a limited timespan, to return to the drop-pod to conclude the mission.
    The most intense moments are when you have to fight off swarms and survive by a hairs length, or when you have to backtrack through the caves to the drop-pod in a few minutes, where we we've had a few occasions where we had 1 sec. left on the timer, before the last dwarf jumped into the drop-pod, squeels.

    Classes breakdown:

    • Engineer: Can shoot platforms and deploy sentry gun(s)
      0_1565866480959_maxresdefault (1).jpg
    • Gunner: Can shoot ziplines where everyone can go up and down on (great for vertical navigation), and deploy a temporary shield-bubble for the team to take cover under.
    • Driller: Has a drill to quickly drill holes, and satchel charges to do some serious damage.
      0_1565866597213_DRG_015 Coming_Through.jpg
    • Scout: Has a personal grappling hook to get to those hard to reach places (like platforms created by the engineer), and can shoot very bright lights to light up a cave which would otherwise be dangerously dark.

    I've not even talked about the variety of weapons of each class. just check out their wiki:

    Some of the mission types:

    • Mining, just plain old mining some resources, while fighting off creatures.
    • Egg hunt, dig out and carry eggs to Molly, fight off monsters.
    • Salvage, salvage a previously failed team's mess, by repairing some robots, then refuelling a drop-pod to escape, expect some big swarms to fight off.
    • Point extraction, point-defense style, you have a platform with some sentries on it to defend, while fetching some precious stones that you dig out from the surrounding area. Fight off them critters.
    • Elimination, the hardest one, fight multiple 'Glyphid dreadnaughts' mini-bosses in succession, also, yes fight off other little monsters.

    My take:
    I love the variety of the levels, and the way we play is with teamspeak, so we can coordinate, like "I need a platform here" or "watch out, swarm of exploders approaching" etc. But you can ping stuff with your laserpointer in game, and you dwarf will shout it out loud, you don't need teamspeak, but I recommend it for maximum team cohesion and fun.

    Like I said, I don't know any other game even remotely similar to this gameplay wise, any recommendations of similar games?

    (p.s. would love to see @Huber 's take on this, because dwarves & axes, and see 4 of the Allies plays this one time (@Brad-Ellis, @IanHinck, @BenMoore ?)