WTF Is Death Stranding ?

  • @acidtrip-69 said:

    I can't stand all this hush and secrecy and lack of showing what the game really is and lack of real game play. All I see is weirdly long cut scenes and long boring walking sim.

    Coming from the perspective of someone who wishes their favorite franchises would market a little to alot less, to not give absolutely everything away before launch as they often do, I disagree with this sentiment and think you're just pushing developers / publishers more towards completely spoiling their games to "sell people on it" before launch. If you're not on board yet from all you've seen, you can just not buy it at launch Day 1 and wait for word of mouth, streams, and reviews to see more about it if that's what you need to pull the trigger yourself.

    From a Kojima standpoint, I also remember when Metal Gear Solid 5 came out people going "whoa, Kojima showed us ALOT in those trailers before launch, maybe too much!". It appeared really mysterious and sparse, but the trailers were actually loaded with tons of "spoilers" once you understood the context of what was being shown by playing. What we've seen is Death Stranding so far could likely be the same deal. He's shown probably over thirty minutes of Death Stranding stuff so far collectively, shown off a bunch of mechanics, introduced a ton of characters, etc. The product has been presented, and Kojima doesn't have to spoil the entire thing before he releases it if he doesn't want to, just as you don't have to buy this if what he's chosen to show hasn't appealed to you.

  • @mbun

    Pretty much what you said is what I think is true.

    MGS V had awesome marketing and the game seemed mysterious. We played it in context and realized we saw the entire game in spoiler trailers. Everybody was mad, so now Kojima does more vague trailers and everybody is still mad.

    Think about how many bad or bland trailers and marketing there is out there. I just watched some Gears 5 horde video and it was a generic multiplayer trailer that has the awkward angles that a free cam would have. Some popular UK hip hop song playing in the back. Generic large titles on-screen. Bland blah blah. It makes no sense to me why Death Stranding gets vilified for trying hard and having exciting, well made trailers. Because bad ones are dime-a-dozen.

    Plus we can wait until reviews. One review is out and it'll describe everything about how this game works. You don't have to pre-order it. People can wait.

  • Cult following and hating will always be a thing and there always will be game/console/feature/creator/streamer/etc which popularity will keep you puzzled. It's simply because different people have different life experiences and different perception of the world. You probably will never change their minds and they probably will never change yours, because one side’s arguments seems insignificant to another’s. That doesn’t mean that one side is right and another is wrong, they just look at the same thing from different angles.

    Sure, it’s a shame that Death Stranding marketing doesn’t cater to your taste. But I’m sure there are other games that do. Just focus your attention on something else and let fans praise this game outside. If you’ll hear something new that will make your interested – great; if not – that’s fine too.

    Personally, I don’t care about Death Stranding in the slightest, but if I’ll hear something of interest in EZA’s review, I’ll put it in the queue.

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    Some people in this thread are saying that we do know more now. SURE, but remember it's been like a year and half or more and we still only get the tiniest bit of info. If info was food Kojima would have starved us to DEATH by now.

  • @acidtrip-69

    Dude GTA IV and GTA V didn’t even show gameplay until launch

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    @dipset but we all ready have an idea what the gameplay might look like cuz there have been GTA games before. This DEATH Stranding game is being marketed as all new kind of game so we still didn't have a clue cuz there was nothing to compare it to.

  • @acidtrip-69 So it isn't that you haven't been given the information, just that you are choosing to be willfully ignorant of the information you have been given.
    Got it.

  • @acidtrip-69

    I mean... GTA IV was on new hardware and most information about the gameplay was sprinkled around in magazines while trailers were scarce, didn't show actual gameplay, and looked like a major departure from the past games.

    The info we got in the magazines was widely different from the game we actually got (i.e. you'd be able to make friends with anybody, you could recruit NPCs to do missions with you, you could commit crimes without consequence if unseen, and more). So in this specific example, we reeeeeeally could have used a gameplay demo to validate that.

    My whole point is that you get what you get in marketing. It doesn't make a developer pretentious to withhold info, but with that said, a good handful of info has been out there for months now.

  • @dipset

    To be fair that stuff for GTA4 might have been planned at one point (like the upstate new York extension of the map that was canceled pretty early on)

    That said like Shimbo says information is out there, op is choosing to ignore it, and the few things that haven't been fully explained yet (the weird WW2/Vietnam limbo stuff) is probably better kept a mystery for now.

    I mean using a different medium who here hates watching a trailer for some movie only to realize all the good bits or massive spoilers are right there in the middle (watch ther Terminator Salvation trailer for the biggest example)

  • Even Jeff, who played a bit of the game, says he has no clue.

  • Kojima seems to be catering to the camp who's still not sold on the game. Rejoice.
    Youtube Video

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    So by the info coming out and vids. Guys and Gals get ready to press one button and sit down for the LONGEST BORING cut scenes EVER !

  • @acidtrip-69

    What’s the point man? You aren’t into it. You don’t have to be into it but why even try to converse when you’re going to be so short?

    Did you play MGS V though? Those cutscenes were pretty short and sweet with the occasional long one. Who knows about Death Stranding.

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    @DIPSET, Guess what. I can cover what ever I would like no matter if I cover it in a " good " or " bad " light. Do you remember MGS 1,2,3,&4 cut scenes ? Lot of them went on, on, on , on ,on ,and on. SO LONG. For some reason do you dislike that I don't really care for your "YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR" ??? KOJIMA.

  • @acidtrip-69

    No, I just dislike you.

  • @acidtrip-69 bro it's like you're looking to cause drama. If you want to criticize something, that's totally cool, but do it in a productive manner. We get it you don't like Kojima, let's fucking move on.

  • the 50 minutes video is so damn boring. i was fall a sleep while watching it.

  • OP clearly isn't interested in having a discussion and just wants to be funnay trollman LOL CUTSCENES AMIRITE GUIZE??
    Sorry dude but you dropped the ball. Maybe next time people will find you funny. I highly doubt it, but hey man keep up hope and maybe one day it will happen!

  • At this point I just need to know if you need an online subscription. I didn't watch anything from the new footage, if you don't need online I'll just play the damn thing.

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    It's ok if you don't like me, and I'm not coming here trying to be funny. Guess what. Sometimes I get tired of trying to criticize something positively. Sometimes something or someone in gaming has annoyed me too much that I would rather just shit on it. Like I said it's not up to you to choose how I think or say just I can't tell you how to think neither.
    WOW a 50 min video of " GAMEPLAY "
    Me = ZZZZZZzzzZZzzzZzzZzzzzzz
    Also the time he made people on his dev team apologize for his own mistakes and decisions. Bad move.