Don't Skip - Official Discussion Thread

  • The new and improved Don't Skip has arrived with this new episode:

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    I'm very happy that this show is getting renewed interest and I very much enjoy the personality Ben is giving to it. Looking forward to many more!

  • I am VERY tempted to buy this game right now, I feel like I'm the perfect mood for it. I don't see it on my region's PS store though....
    Also, I'm glad this series is back. There's nothing else like Ben's wonderful scripts.

  • Ben has something to say about FFVIII's remastered version.

    Don't Skip - Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
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  • Jones talks about Bully in a great new video. Really liked the game when I played (and platinumed) it a few years ago on PS4.

    Don't Skip - Bully
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  • I have to agree that Bully is a certified don’t skip.

    This game is the video game version of “don’t judge a book by its cover”. I had concerned peers in middle school at the height (or plateau) of “video games are evil” in the mid-2000s, hot off of San Andreas getting an AO-rating for mods, thinking that a game called Bully would be really really bad and encourage bullying.

    Hell, Bully even had its own version of video game mythology in the same vein as Super Nintendo myths and secrets that were shared on the playground. Except for Bully it was all pre-release misinformation and bad bad bad mythology. I remember reading about parent groups trying to ban it pre-release. I remember a rumour that the game had to be stripped of content because you could sexually assault women. There was this post-GTA hysteria and some sort of mythological portrayal of Rockstar as like evil demon people who make sick murder simulations.

    All that said, if you just play Bully, you’ll see that it’s full of heart and soul. It’s a year about trying to fit in when neither the children nor adults will treat you with the respect you deserve as a human. You learn that everybody goes through struggles despite what group they belong to. The story is quite empowering while still being fun and silly. The lighthearted tone warms you up but the setting provides a very cozy comforting experience when you slowly become acquainted with the town and school throughout your year. Bullworth is a top tier video game town for sure.

    In the end, Bully evokes the kind of heartwarming stories you’ll get from a Persona companion quest-line but formatted into the GTA mission structure and open world. It’s an extremely unique game that if released today would feel even more unique because of its humble open world. Give Bully a fair shot, even if you’re sick of Rockstar games in 2019.

  • @sentinel-beach

    My favourite Rockstar game yet and I want Bully 2 more than anything they can come up with.

  • The latest episode (about TurboGrafx 16 Mini) is out, and it's pretty great. There's a bunch of games that looks really cool, and Blood does a great job to showcase his experience. Too bad the pandemic is messing with the distribution of this console.

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  • Damn it's been so long since the last Don't Skip-thought Huber would've done one on F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch. I'd like to see Don't Skip return at some point.