Brandon and Kyle Play Pokemon Silver

  • I can’t help but feels like this need its own thread with the amount of hype I have for this series.

    Starting Thursday/Friday the 29th/30th at 1am UTC, Kyle and Brandon are going to start their weekly stream, and they’re doing Pokemon Silver.

    People have been asking for this since Brandon Plays Pokemon wrapped and the demand hasn’t gotten any less passionate in recent years.

    I honestly can’t wait to have this wonderful gameplay stream to sink my teeth into every Friday night. Glorious.

    Predictions? Hopes? Dreams?

    I hope they make a solid attempt to capture all the dogs. It’s not very hard to do once you know how.

  • Woah! When did they announce this?

  • @capnbobamous It was on Cup of Jones.

    Pokemon Crystal was my first Pokemon game so I'm looking forward to the new stream.

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    This is absolutely awesome and something I've dreamed about since They played Red/Blue. Shame that the stream is bang in the middle of the night for me, but I will catch up on the VOD. Happy days!

  • Even though I have zero interest at this point in the franchise, I loved the format of the previous series and it is something I definitively feel they should do more of, so I'll be checking that out for sure.

  • As we're about an hour from Part 3 getting underway, I just want to say, even though it's a week late, that the Dunsparce moment to start Week 2 probably won't be topped.

    The odds of not just getting it to appear but on the first go..... Also, Bosman's reaction. Talk about camera shaking.

  • Talking about not topping the Dunsparce moment, hah! Kyle freaking lost it with the shiny. :D

    Shame about the lost two hours, I was really bummed at the beginning hearing that, but I feel this all turned for the better eventually.

  • @sentinel-beach With a shiny being so rare, I had completely forgotten about them. But at this point, if they get one of the three Legendaries to appear, I wouldn't be shocked....

    CATCHING the thing however, is another story....

  • I was really disappointed that we lost those two hours but the shiny was such a good moment. Hoping all the kinks are worked out for next week.