Have you ever put off playing a game you were really excited about?

  • Ya'll better hurry. Dutch needs more money.

  • I was super hype on Fable II and was even gonna buy a 360 for it but then it turned out to be kinda lame and I never bought it, just played at a friends house.

    I also got the Criterion Collection of Seven Samurai for Christmas 2016 and still have yet to open it cause it’s 4+ hours.

    Fyi, Life Is Strange 2 is beyond disappointing and 98% of the characters are bad.

  • @DIPSET Ugh, that's what I was afraid of. I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm gonna give it a try eventually to see for myself but maybe they should have just left the franchise alone and ended on a high note (I thought LiS:BtS was phenomenal.)
    @Lotias @E_Zed_Eh_Intern RDR2 was my single most anticipated game for this entire generation (barely a nudge above the last of us 2) and while I know it was divisive for some, in my mind it 100% lived up to my hopes for it. So I guess there is something to be said for just taking the plunge.

  • @ozymandsss

    I mean... if you're an EZA patron, Huber, Blood and Elyse have been doing episodic Spoiler Mode discussions and they all seem to like the game, like the plot, and like the same characters that I personally think are awful. To each their own but LiS2 is spinning its wheels with no direction or focus (both plot and game design). I too loved Before the Storm, but this game just doesn't know where its going.

    I think you should wait until December when it will be sold as one package and decide for yourself. Don't put it off forever because a lot of people really do like this game.

  • @dipset I actually bought it on pre-release so I have all the episodes downloaded on my PC, I just have to click the start button. Maybe I'll give it a try this weekend and let you know how its going for me.

  • @ozymandsss

    Captain Spirit is free and it ties into LiS2. Episode 1 is actually half decent. I guess my problem is that they abandon a lot of the good stuff immediately in Ep2.

    If it’s any incentive to press play, Captain Spirit and Ep 1 are good.

  • I do this literally all the time, mainly because I'm always moving so I keep putting off buying a TV/console. I have a switch now, which makes life easier. That said, I need to move back in with my family for a couple of months starting in October, which means I'll have access to my little brother's PS4. First game I get will either be Uncharted 4 or Final Fantasy 15. I've been excited for 15 since it was first announced as Versus 13, and even after the middling reviews I still think I'm really excited. Kyle said he really liked it, and our tastes tend to align on RPGs.

    The game I'm very worried about? God of War. I don't know why, but I think it'll be too much for me, so I might not even play it while I'm home. Very weird thought process that I don't even understand.

  • Basically every game these days unless it's a megaton like God of War.
    I've made a deal with myself no to buy games made in current year (remakes and remasters don't count so RE2 slipped in) and unless they are discounted to 50% or more.
    Like I JUST got Nier Automata.

    I'm so unbelievably hype for Control but think I'm still going to wait. This usually works out anyways since most games get patches and shit that clear up most issues.

    I may break this rule for Man of Medan since the wifey and I love Supermassive's work.

  • @el-shmiablo Until Dawn is the only game my wife and I have played enough together to platinum...on my account though, of course.

  • @naltmank I know it was another divisive game but I have to say I loved the hell out of FFXV. I'm sure you have heard the criticisms and some are true but I think it has been improved upon substantially since the vanilla release so if you decide to play, go for the Royal edition. Honestly, it was my favorite game that year by a far margin.
    Oh and similarly God of War doesn't disappoint but I totally get just having some intangible reason why you cant bring yourself to start a game, hence my original post.

  • I kind of put off playing any game I'm excited about, either because I'm playing another game at the moment or I'm too busy to play. However, I don't feel excited about new games as I felt when I was a teenager. I might have developed a capacity for patience and moderation in expectations. With rare exceptions, depending on personal circumstance, I purchase my games when they're on a lower price.