Dying Light 2 - Coming 2020

  • Youtube Video

    This looks amazing. graphics are seriously incredible.

    so much better than original in every way.

  • Chris Avellone got kicked out of the team.

  • I just watched that gameplay demo because this thread was bumped.

    Dying Light 2 looks decent enough gameplay wise. Not to sound like a SJW but I'm really starting to get fatigue from every game trying to sell you on its world, some gruff male characters speaking all confident and tough, then some base level combat that we see in many games. Watching this reminds me of the first time I saw the demo for Days Gone and couldn't believe how status quo it all was.

    Now I know I am being extremely reductionist about a game I've never played and I'm sure its a fun enough time, but strictly in terms of a game catching my eye, I'm starting to look away from these male hero tough guy games.

  • @dipset All I know is Dying Light 1 was fun, so I believe in Dying Light 2 for now. I've never cared about the characters in the game, and I'll continue not to.