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  • just thought i'd make a thread for the mobile phone Mario Kart game that was revealed today

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • [repost of what I said in news]

    @yoshi Looks like they took almost none of the beta tester's feedback. The only things they might've changed, which I can't confirm until release is taking out the ticket to spin item slots at any point of a race once during a race, balancing the Boomerang so it isn't just the best special item by far, and obviously can't tell from footage whether or not they toned down the autosteering, so taking shortcuts wouldn't require you to mushroom to leave the main track area anymore, but I hope they fixed that at least.

    Still looks single player only with CPUs named after real players. Still looks extremely greedily pay to win. I kind of have a feeling this is going to come out, and it'll be the exact same as the beta, just with new tracks and alternates of characters with different special items. And that's a pretty huge disappointment, because the game ran well during the beta, used very little battery, and I kind of enjoyed what it was going for, except I knew it'd become absolutely miserable if they didn't tone down how pay to win the beta was.

    [end of repost]

    I'll try it out at launch and report back if I can find anything they changed, but right now doesn't look like I'm going to play this one long term, which is a shame.

  • This is the most fucked up thing they could've done on top of everything else wrong with this game. This is more expensive than your yearly Nintendo Switch Online cost.

  • Sounds like the equivalent of a Battle Pass. Will be interesting to see if it catches up, this could spawn a whole new way of monetizing mobile games.

    (I have zero interest in this game or mobile gaming in general so I'm feeling zero emotion regarding this news, just grabbing my popcorn!)

  • Here's some positive news among the pure greed.

    I'll keep editing this post. Seems like they did take feedback from the beta to mind. The ticket crap to roll item roulette once per race anywhere seems to be completely gone thankfully. Just kidding, it is still there... There's an option to tone down the Smart Steering so it doesn't screw up your shortcuts anymore. There's a new Combo system that rewards performing score earning actions in succession quickly, which I'm not sure how I feel about, because I think achieving Frenzy will just be even more score important now. Gliders no longer determine Item Luck and instead determine Combo Bonus and Combo Time. Karts no longer determine Driving Speed and instead award Bonus Score multipliers. Even though they removed the Stamina System from the beta, it seems there's a limit to how many races daily will level up your Driver, Kart, and Glider stats before you can't earn anymore progress that day. Seems like you can grind out your Player Level indefinitely though.

    There might be more changes, but I've seen enough to know I'm 100% not playing this now, so that's all I'll be looking into this.

  • I'm still not playing this game, because it is a gacha nightmare hellscape, but they finally added something that should've been in it since launch:
    Youtube Video