Vote for the forum's GOTY 2012!

  • @bam541 Hell yeah Katawa Shoujo ftw~!

  • Big ol' shoutout to Lego Lord of the Rings. People sleep on this game a lot, but it is legitimately excellent. Easily the best Lord of the Rings game.

  • How do people vote, do they vote like it's 2012 or do you vote with the mindset of today.

  • I always vote with hindsight (except for end-of-year threads because I mean, that hindsight isn't there yet obviously.) If I voted by just what I played in any given year my lists would always be much shorter since outside of bangers like 2017 I usually just play like two or three real contenders and everything else that year is either janky stuff I don't give much thought to after a week or old standbys that didn't even release that year.

  • @iboshow I kinda try to find an in between but tend to lean towards current opinion. If I loved it back then AND I love it now, it's a lock. If I loved it then but don't anymore, it might make an honorable mention spot. If I love it now but didn't then or only played it recently, that means I probably would have loved it then so it's more likely to get a top 4 spot.

  • I think all of my HMs jumped in and out of the top 4 as I made my list. 2012 was a good year!

  • @capnbobamous Are... are we doing this? We're doing this? Let's do it! We're doing this! Yeah! Lego LoTR ftw!

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    Tokyo Jungle shout out! I had a blast with that game. Feels like 2012 was a big year for the smaller game. At least that's what my list will be made up of.

  • So far, 14 people have voted, and 53 games have been nominated.

    I'm kinda surprised by some of the top picks at the moment, but it's very tight so it's still anyone's game!

  • Xenoblade was my goty that year but ill make my eligibile list later

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    This Year has too many good games. Had a real hard time to rank them.

  • I'm assuming Persona 4 Golden falls into the port, and not a full remake category, but wanted to ask simply to be sure.

    Anyhow weird year, a few interesting games, but it doesn't make me look fondly at those times.

    Edit: Noticed this was actually asked before about P4G, I think it is a gray area as they there are significant diferences between the two versions and it is not just a port, but I would leave it out unless it is widely understood that it should be considered.

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    All I'll say is that I absolutely considered Persona 4 Golden.

  • I haven't played Persona 4/Golden, but I think it speaks volumes that whenever people speak of the game, they always say Golden. I rarely hear anyone talk about the base game.

  • Honestly, the more I look into it, the more I think Persona 4 Golden shouldn't qualify. Sure there's new content and features, but at its core it's still 95% Persona 4. We didn't consider Diablo III Reaper of Souls as a new game for example.

    This would set a precedent and basically mean Persona 5 Royal would be eligible next year, which feels wrong to me.

    But I've received a couple votes for it already so I feel bad about making those people change their votes now.

  • @axel I agree with you about Persona 4 Golden. I assumed Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen wasn't eligible for the 2013 GOTY from earlier this year. This feels like a similar situation. Though, that's just my opinion.

  • This is why the rules should have been set in the Opening Post

  • I think Persona 4: Golden is much closer to the Game of the Year edition, than to a remake.

  • @iboshow Well, they are: ports are not eligible, full remakes are eligible.

    But in the case of "enhanced ports" or version 1.5 like that, it's always open to interpretation. Some will argue it's a different game, some will say it's not.

    If you guys don't mind, I'll enforce the rule more strictly and say enhanced ports never count. But that means a few of you need to vote again.

    Let me know if you feel strongly about it.

  • Can we just go over the reason why Ports and Enhanced Ports don't count?

    To my understanding, it's so that Ports of games that are already very popular and already had their time to shine don't get brought up and dominate another year, taking the place of another game.

    Persona 4 Golden's time to shine was with its original release, Persona 4, and we'll get to that whenever we eventually do 2008. Despite its bells and whistles, it's ultimately just a Port and shouldn't be eligible for 2012.

    Otherwise, I'm going to start arguing for Definitive Editions and the like to be eligible, and no one wants that :)