MY 2019 ♥️

  • Only bought 3 ps4 games before august, but in august i finally bought a Nintendo switch and picked up Super Mario Maker 2, Hollow Knight, Minecraft and Stardew Valley for it for now. But now I want to end 2019 with a bang. Here is the list of games i am interested in this year. I would like some inputs and suggestions or any discussion about this list. ( The box and star means wait for reviews to buy, circle means must buy)


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  • How about you play the games you just bought first?

  • Well the games i bought are not mostly games u finish, like stardew valley, minecraft and super mario maker 2. Only hollow knight is the one. And i am on it. Anyway, thanks for the positivity.

  • Other than the fact that I haven't played most of these/they aren't out yet, I think the list is solid with a lot of bangers. If I was cutting a game then Ashen would be first (assuming all games arrived on the list with equal initial interest). Also, it seems like it's going to be hard to play so many long games in November and December, especially if you are trying to complete BOTW around that time. I'd probably cut or postpone Pokemon, although if I was a strong Pokemon series fan then I'd prioritize it instead and postpone some other November games for a future sale. It helps that those other games seem like the type to get significant price drops quickly, while Pokemon is the least likely.

  • Like @Chocobop said, I would drop Ashen. From the 3 or 4 hours I played of Ashen I would say there are way better Souls-like games out there. Potentially Code Vein and The Surge 2 could be fun Souls-like games but I would wait for reviews on those. Push NFS Heat and Star Wars to December. Also don't sleep on Luigi's Mansion 3 or Gooigi will find you.

  • @polen What's the reason for cutting games? Most of these games look good.

  • @polen Only specific input I have is DOOM is way way way better on PC if you have access to a decent one. Maybe check out Creature in the Well if you haven't too. EZA had a stream about it. On that note there's a ton of amazing indie games that are perfect for Switch, so keep an eye on the eShop sales and wishlist stuff that's interesting so you get emails when they're on sale, PSN sales too. Could save you a bunch in the longrun.

    Oh, and go to the eShop and under search there should be a category for demos. Check that stuff out. Really good stuff in there like the 10 hour Dragon Quest XI S demo and Umihara Kawase Fresh. (that one might only be the JP store, but you just have to make a second user account to access that from any region, also allows you to download Famicom thing if you're an online member cause they get different box art and sometimes different games entirely)

  • I mean we're all game fans here and this autumn/winter season looks to be filled with great games. Seems like you can get a lot of juice outta games like Control and Astral Chain as well. Secrets, 100% and such. That list could theoretically take you deep into 2020 depending on your time.

    I'm skeptically excited for NFS Heat like you are. I want there to be a big racing game that everybody plays again, but I didn't think the gameplay looked thaaaaat great compared to competition like Forza Horizon 4. I think the NFS series is in a weird spot and they put themselves there. It doesn't have an identity anymore and every person is fond of it from different eras. My favourite games are in the Underground series, but most people I know loved Hot Pursuit on PC. I also loved NFS Shift which was a sim-racer pretty much.

    So I'm with you. I'm waiting for reviews as well. I think its cool that its arcade racing, but FH4 hit that sweet spot between sim-racing, somewhat realistic physics, and bat shit insanity. I think the NFS approach can't rely just on it being a street racing game again.

  • Haha, I do this often as well, look at up coming games and list the ones im interested in. I have all the games you listed (not including NFS Heat, dont think im pulling the trigger on that one) but also a few more.

    For PS4 I also have for this week Knights and Bikes, WreckFest and Man of Medan. Other games Ive had listed are Monster Hunter World Iceborne (9/6) Borderlands 3 (9/13) Concrete Genie and Indivisible (10/8) Call of Duty MW (10/25) and Shenmue 3 (11/19). I admit I buy too many games so I think your list is pretty solid for PS4. I mostly had some indie games and a few bigger AAA games that you're probably just not that in to.

    For switch I also listed FF 8 (9/3) River City Girls (9/5) Luigi Mansion 3 (10/31) and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics (11/5). The end of Oct and November are pretty packed so I might skip a few games here are there.

    Overall very excited for end of Oct and Nov, a lot of really good stuff.

  • @iboshow the cutting games part is for reviews. If it bombs on reviews then i am not playing it. Unless its something i am really interested in. For example, if NFS Heat is like a swimming in 7's i will probably buy it. If its a 8 i will buy it for sure. But if star wars jedi is not a 9, i am not buying. Mainly because i am not that into star wars and gameplay isnt looking that good either.