Pokemon Masters Thoughts?

  • The game has officially launched internationally today.
    Has anyone had the chance to try it out yet?

  • Two badges in. Really digging it so far. My only qualm is that they should add level suggestions to better tell what level you should be for a fight before going in. Well that and the English VO being abominable, but that's a lost cause. Thankfully you can play with Japanese audio instead.

    But yea the game looks great, runs decently for the amount of action and visuals going on without being as much of a battery hog as say Dragalia Lost, and the game is loaded with fun written dialogue for all the trainers. I'd definitely recommend others try this. I expect it to get grindy as it goes on, but there's auto battle options to cut down on that some, and there's no stamina meter holding you back from playing as much as you want! You can tell the developers really cared about this game, and it was a passion project for them. It is leagues above the other mobile Pokemon games. This one doesn't feel like a cash in, despite the gacha nature of it, and they seem to heavily be keeping children in mind with regards to that.

    I really couldn't ask for more other than for them to keep it up.

  • Only played chapter 1 and a bit after that so I can't say much about the battling and game content yet but I'm actually really enjoying the character dialogues. The writing feels very true to the main Pokemon games' vibes; it's like a simple, jolly visual novel. Will play more and report back here.

    Also, I'm ashamed that my phone can't handle this at high graphics, lol. It lags so much, even in the main hub.

  • @bam541 said:

    The writing feels very true to the main Pokemon games' vibes

    They actually directly consulted with The Pokémon Company to make sure they got the characters right.

  • It's fine for a gacha game, it's the standard fare


    • the overall presentation (art style, music, models) is well done, the game is pretty
    • microtransactions are not in your face which is nice.
    • combat seems fairly solid so far.


    • A bit laggy on Android. It could be the early build.
    • Story is whatever like most mobile games.

    Compared to Shin Megami Tensei Dx2 Liberation it's a lot lighter on contents, missing features, but slightly more clean on how everything is presented.

  • @gageblackw23 The story is really just an excuse to get trainers who normally wouldn't talk to one another doing just that. The "laggy"ness is just being a more high end game. On high end phones, it apparently runs as well as 60fps, but those of us with older phones get some stutter.