Rumored New Resident Evil Game

  • Hello All,

    Couple days ago some screenshots leaked from this new RE game Capcom is working on. Rumor is this might be a new installment in the Outbreak Series. I really loved Outbreak, I only had the first game and only played it online a handful of times but it was very unique and way ahead of its time.

    I hope this rumor is true, I'd love a new take on the series. Hell I would be over myself if they just re-released the old games. I hope we get both.



  • I'd be down for a new Outbreak using the elements of RE2 maybe just fine tune the camera a bit when aiming (did anyone else feel like the camera was wonky in RE2Make?)

  • @dmcmaster I didn't have any issues with RE2 remake and I think there's a good chance this game uses that control system. I don't think Capcom would go back to tank controls at this point. I hope if it is a new Outbreak we get a good amount of kinda normal citizen characters to play as. Lot of the fun of the older games was playing more normal people, they aren't cops or special agents (except for the cop character haha) they were just normal people trying to escape.

    Also hope you can board up windows/doors, I really like that mechanic and it really made you feel like a normal person dealing with a zombie outbreak. Also they gotta keep the you can turn into a zombie and attack your friends mechanic, that was so fun.

  • @dmcmaster Playing through RE2 Remake now with the Missus (just started Claire B) and haven't had any noticeable camera issues. We suck but I wouldn't point at the camera for that.

    As for new Outbreak, I never played the originals but I'm always down for more coop games - preferably local though.

  • RE8 in first person please.

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    My favorite RE is 5 so a return to a coop formula makes me very happy.

  • So long as I can play split screen with my roommate (a la RE5) I’m happy.

    I can’t stand when it’s forced online coop only.

  • @dipset Seems like it might be 4 player, in which case I think having split screen is very unlikely, but who knows, its all guess work till Sept 9th when Capcom is suppose to show off the game

  • Considering it's running on the RE Engine and not MT Framework I highly doubt it will have split screen

  • Then I’m confirmed not playing it if it’s online only. I don’t have multiple TVs with multiple PS4s just to play with roommate.

    I can’t stand this trend that started with online co-op.

    Buying Borderlands 3 in protest (jk)

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    I would play with you Dippy baby.