Yakuza: Like a Dragon (Quest) / Yakuza 7

  • I'm happy they are including english VO just to make the game more accessible and expand its audience but personally, you couldn't pay me to play through a Yakuza game in anything other than japanese and subs.

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    Late to responding to this

    Personally I'm happy about English voice acting, and it's something I do hope future games will have going forward (especially the rumored Kenzan/Ishin releases) although I think it will boil down to a few things such as the quality of the acting and who can reprise a role in sequels. Like I seriously doubt Geroge Takai will return for any future roles for some reason.....unless they add him to Yakuza 8 as a new character who gets facial scanned in (which would be funny)

    Also for the Legacy characters like Daigo, Majima, etc who will play them? I mean it would be cool if Mark Hamil returned for Majima.

    Also if 7 does bring in a larger audience because of the English VO does this mean well see 0-6 get rereleased again but with English VO added in the west? (I mean I'll buy them again)

  • Honestly, I think Majima is one of Hamill's rare swings and misses, but maybe that's just me. Majima also wasn't really as defined a character as he is now, so I'm sure that didn't help.

    I haven't played Y7 yet, so I don't know what happens to his character in the story - but I mean, Takei doesn't really seem like the kind of guy to not want to continue a successful project if asked. He guested on the Simpsons for like 15 years.

    does this mean well see 0-6 get rereleased again but with English VO added in the west?

    I really doubt it, unless it's like a future remaster collection or it's not handled by RGG or something. They just remastered all the legacy games in the new engine for PS4. I think they are done with Y0-6 for a while. If Y7 is a big hit, they would most likely just continue the Y7 storyline instead. Don't forget that they are likely making more Judgment games too. That was a pretty big success for them.

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    I'm just saying it's something that could be on the table at least regarding dubs of 0-6, although it's also something that I think 7 would have to really outsell previous games in western regions in order to warrant.

    Also all the games except the two Kiwami titles are running on thier original engines in the remasters
    (5,Ishin,0 K1 on a variation made with porting to PS4 in mind, 3-4 on the same engine as Kenzan, then Kiwami 2, 6, Judgment and 7 on the Dragon Engine)

    Speaking of Judgment I wonder if they'll start overlapping the two in some way.

  • Your right, they didn't change engines on 3-5. But my point stands. They are not likely to go back and re-re-do them for years after just re-doing them last year. If they thought they might do a dub, they would have done it then. Would likely have to be 3rd party.

    I think Judgment is it's own thing. I mean, there were nods to Yakuza in Judgment, I think that's likely as much as we're gonna get. It's it's own story.

  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon | How Will You Rise?
    Youtube Video

    The job system seems to deliver lots of stuff! :)

  • This game and the last trailer is really pushing me over the edge and I might just cave in, if it weren't for the fact it is coming out between Cold Steel 4 and Cyberpunk I might be looking at playing this on day 1.

  • Damn. Chef hype!

  • So it's looking like only the digital version has smart delivery, which is definitely odd. Doesn't affect me because I'm not gonna buy it for a while but still.

  • @capnbobamous
    It's been clarified the disc version gets the upgraded too, but save data won't carry over.

  • First look at next gen version. Ichi looks.....different

  • Pretty torn whether to get this on PC or wait for PS5. I know it'll look amazing on both. I kinda see Yakuza and RPG games in general as a console, living room experience. BUT... it's Yakuza 7 and it looks soooooo awesome.

  • No self restraint. I bought it on PC. Pretty glad I did actually. I can sometimes run it above 60fps on Ultra but I decided to lock it to 60 so it's more stable. This is definitely the best Yakuza has looked and I feel like the world takes a massive leap with the performance boost I get on PC.

    I'm actually still kinda curious about the PS5 version with 3D audio because I expect the cities will be especially immersive with directional audio coming from all angles.

    0_1605107671820__Media Screenshot 2020.11.10 -

    0_1605107680348__Media Screenshot 2020.11.10 -

    0_1605107689490__Media Screenshot 2020.11.10 -

    Hades cross promotion...

    0_1605107697361__Media Screenshot 2020.11.11 -

    Chapter 1 is that pure Yakuza magic. The immediately make Ichiban Kasuga extremely likeable. He's pretty much a gumshoe Yakuza internally indebted to his boss. He's a goofy character and in some ways not really Yakuza-material but his boss likes him anyways.

    The setup is pretty similar to Kiryu's in some ways but like every other Yakuza game, it gets it's hooks in you deep with a lengthy Chapter 1.

    Battle system is pretty rudimentary so far because I'm fighting Level 1 scrubs but it has this South Park Stick of Truth kinda active input for attacks and defence which I enjoy. I also like how the battle system still packs a heavy punch despite being turn based. So far so good.

  • The 60fps is nice. I'm a little bit peeved that the onomichio dlc costume I'm wearing doesn't show up in game tho. Wonder if it's just a bug?

    Also, the intro is super long. Felt longer than any other Y game outside of maybe 5 (which had 5 intros) to me. I just got to Yokohama like 6h in!

  • @tokyoslim

    Took me about 4 hours to get to Yokohama where it opens up. I only screwed around in the baseball mini-game up to that point. It's definitely on the longer side, but Judgement was probably longer. The opening chapter or two in Judgement was so long I couldn't believe I wasn't further ahead when finished. I felt like I went through 2-3 story archs by the end of Chapter 2.

    Still liking it. I feel like boss battles feel a lot smaller when you're not fighting for your life brawling it out. But I like fighting scrubs this way a lot more. I wonder if they can blend the two systems FF7 style in a future game.

    Line of the game so far: "The early bums get the crumbs!"

  • Went in and did some exploring Yokohama. Really love this city already. Feels like a working man's town - derelict but has heart. Used the smartphone for some "street photos". In This game you can dolly up and down which is nice.

    I wish this game had Nvidia Ansel and while we're at it, I wish there was a way to combine the bells and whistles of Ansel with something like the in-game smartphone so the game is live but you can manipulate the exposure settings and filters live.


    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    I'll post more in screenshot thread.

    Unrelated to photo mode, but on both Ultra and High and even Medium, the game seems to always dip to 40-50 fps when running around town. It still feels a lot smoother than Yakuza 6 or Judgement did on PS4 Pro and the resolution is nicer but something isn't playing nice with the frame rate. Medium settings probably should produce a consistent 60.

  • @dipset said in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (Quest) / Yakuza 7:

    Went in and did some exploring Yokohama. Really love this city already. Feels like a working man's town - derelict but has heart.

    The people of every other city in Japan would be very happy to hear you say that.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Haha I don't know much of anything about Japanese cities. Do Yokohamin's (?) think highly of themselves?

    Just based on this game it seems like a steel city, port city kinda thing.