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    Went in and did some exploring Yokohama. Really love this city already. Feels like a working man's town - derelict but has heart.

    The people of every other city in Japan would be very happy to hear you say that.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Haha I don't know much of anything about Japanese cities. Do Yokohamin's (?) think highly of themselves?

    Just based on this game it seems like a steel city, port city kinda thing.

  • @dipset Yes, they are fairly notorious for being snobby. Source: my wife is from Yokohama...

  • @dipset it used to be more of that (and it still has parts that are), but it's gotten pretty trendy in recent years.

  • Love how quick the PS4 version loads on PS5, like 2-3 seconds max

  • I think the business management could probably have a better tutorial. lol

  • I'm still on Chapter 4...

    I hate this spot I'm in with gaming now. I sit at my desk all day for work so I can't bring myself to play at my PC despite telling myself I want to. At night I opt to spend time in the living room instead of my desk. I usually make like 2-3 hours on the weekend which is nice, but I gotta start working out more so the desk pain is lessened. Again, despite how much I want to plough through the game, I prefer to go walk for a few hours on weekends and just get out there.

    I'm barely playing anything these days when I really want to. I'm dealing with the Covid isolation perfectly fine, I'd be a good candidate for freelancing one day because I don't hate being alone at home, but I gotta get out and move more. I'm feeling decrepit these days.

  • @dipset
    One thing I've done with my computer/ work area is sorta turn it into a makeshift standing desk i use this little metal wire thing to put the keyboard on and I just leave the mouse on top of the tower. Small change but it might help.

  • @dipset I agree with DMC, I think a standing desk could really help. I know that there are versions that can be raised or lowered depending on if you want to stand or sit (though that might not work if you have a huge setup), but hell I've seen people just throw some boxes on there and call it a day.

  • Thanks fellas.

    I recently got an arm mount for my old monitor which means I can take that and position it upwards so I'll sometimes wear my slippers (for some nice cushion) and stand up. Honestly, I'm looking to see this job through until Sept 2021 and then I'll have money saved up for some career moves and a break. I might try to find a more 'active' job altogether. Can't do much more office / home office for 5 days a week.

  • I'll try and take a picture of my jerryrigged setup when I get home

    Ain't much but I can stand while I do school work or edit videos.

  • I really enjoy my standing desk, even though I mostly sit at it. Even just the fact that it's got easily adjustable heights makes a huge difference to me. I lean way back in my chair sometimes, and bring my desk down to a comfortable height. other times, I crank it up all the way so that I can temporarily store a chair underneath it for moving around/cleaning purposes. I have limited space. :)

    Also, I tested out what my PC is getting FPS-wise at Ultrawide on max settings and I'm like 98-120fps depending on the scene. lol I have it locked at 60 normally.

  • OK so I really really like this game - a lot more than the Kiwami's or Judgement. I think moreso than some of the more recent Yakuza games, the side stuff feeds in on itself a lot more and a lot better. Eating builds your bonds with your party, the stores all offer up different armour, the mini-games have context and rewards like skill improvements.

    So accordingly, I've spent a lot of time doing side stuff. I'm also low level so I gotta be careful of who I bump into. I was up around the Dragon Karts and got wiped by a mob of Level 22's when I was Level 12. So clearly, I'm not meant to explore too too much yet. But I am...

    I JUST finished Chapter 4 and I'm 15 hours in and I feel as though the game is still teaching me stuff. I saw in the EZA review, everybody in Ben's party was wearing whacky armor and I don't even know how to make that happen yet. The armor I equip doesn't show up in battle. So I expect there's a lot more to find.

    This is all really good but I expect this is gonna be a 100+ hour RPG at this rate. Not sure I'm gonna have the ability to play 4 hours every weekend. This might take Persona 4 and 5 strength. I think those games took me 6 months each.

  • In order to get more performance from this game which seems to hang around 37-42 in-game on Ultra, I’ve finally dabbled in OC my GPU and CPU.

    I’ve never done this before because I haven’t had the need to but the frame rate isn’t much better than my PS4 Pro on Ultra. It’s a kinda tedious process because using MSI Afterburner, I can get my clockspeed and memory to run just fine in a benchmark for 10 mins with +160/+320 but then in-game, I get red artifacts and I have to trial and error dropping the speeds.

    I bet this sorta thing will start to come faster the more I do it, but it’s only a very slight improvement overall from what I can tell. It’s strange cause I was running about 60 or higher for a short while in Chapter 1 but maybe I wasn’t on Ultra. I’ve been tinkering with setting so much I’ve lost track I guess.

    Looks like I went from 37 to 47ish. EDIT: in battle it jumps up to like 52 so I guess it’s a solid leap from before.

    I’m hoping in Halo 3 I can start pulling like 90fps now. I’m kinda concerned what Cyberpunk 2077 might run like though. Might be a lot less fluid than I imagined.

  • I will say that for what it's worth, the 3080 is pumping out 100ish FPS at ultrawide 1440 on the highest settings. I know that doesn't help much right now, but stock can't be scarce FOREVER.

  • @tokyoslim

    I can only imagine how much joy that'll bring me when I eventually upgrade but I'll be happy if I can get a 10-15% boost without artifacting right now. I guess once you OC once, you make your preset and don't have to worry again, but the trial and error is taking forever.

    So long as I can pull 50ish on high settings on ultrawide for another year, I'll be good.

    Kinda surprised so many people take overclocking so seriously when it only gives you a somewhat useful increase before it goes unstable. I absolutely get the desire to milk your purchase for as long as possible and getting the best quality as possible, but I didn't realize the reward is only so much.

  • Overclocking can yield varied results based on a lot of factors. One of which is commonly known as silicon lottery. Like all baked goods, processor silicon has various imperfections and inconsistencies that can allow less OC. Some chips are nerfed at the factory because they will re-release it later at a faster speed, etc. OC is kind of like gambling, and I think that's why it's popular.

    My ryzen is a "silver" which is basically not gonna do squat in OC. The 3080 i have is "factory oc" which basically just means its silicon with less imperfections that they can guarantee runs at a certain frequency. Most current high end GPUs will power or heat throttle before they reach peak frequency anyhow. That's why pretty much all the OC records are done by people cooling with liquid Nitrogen. lol

    All higher end cards are going to boost to around the same mhz, regardless of how fast the base clock is set at. Changing VRAM speeds and increasing the voltage cap can probably get me 5-10fps, but i don't really care that much.

    I think we are past the days where OC can unlock 20% more performance, but people still remember such things being possible.

  • You’re basically describing my experience but I am getting at least some extra juice. If I’m not mistaken, I think my card is one of those cards with a factory boost anyways. It’s the 1080 G1 Gaming GPU and it looks like it already has an ever so slightly increased default clock speed compared to the regular model.

    According to the “theory” behind it that I was reading up on in Tom’s Hardware, I should be able to OC to a +270 MHz but in practice, I might’ve found a stable spot at +120MHz.

    I know this is all boring as shit for anybody looking to talk Yakuza but the game is beautiful at a stable 49-50fps and I’ve never overclocked before so it’s interesting to me.

    No doubt in my mind that you’re right about it being a lottery and definitely no way in hell I’m gonna get 20% increases as-is.