Yakuza: Like a Dragon (Quest) / Yakuza 7

  • @tokyoslim Thanks! I may need to bite the bullet!

  • @e_zed_eh_intern If it helps the cause at all:

    Youtube Video

  • @e_zed_eh_intern


    Yakuza 0 was my entry and I wouldn't have it any other way. Kiwami feels like a slight step down unfortunately so I wouldn't want anybody letting that taint them.

    Yakuza 0 also has such an awesome premise. It's my favourite type of film-style set up: a bunch of people fighting over one thing. Lots of twists, turns, deceit, highs, lows. The villains are amazing - essentially just the most cartoonishly vindictive villains. Then when you finish, you'll appreciate the setting of Kiwami (Yakuza 1) a lot more.

    Per Yakuza 7, I can't get enough of this series. Still haven't fully finished Judgement but once I do, this is next. Then I'll go through 3-5 in the remaster.

    I was practicing some street photography the other day and I was day dreaming about how awesome it would be if I could catch a candid photo of somebody dressed like Kiryu and his Tojo boys just strutting down the street in full Yakuza regalia. Quite literally made no sense to think about that, but it happened in my head.

  • @tokyoslim Sadly, no, not my jam BUT you and @DIPSET have convinced me none the less.

    On Yakuza 7, pretty sick it will have Virtua Fighter 2 AND 5 together.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    I love the new Dragon engine for Yakuza 6, Kiwami 2, Judgement, and Yakuza 7. It's a great engine, but its missing some of that I M P A C T that you get in Yakuza 0. I'm telling you, this series is like chasing the dragon (pun intended). You absolutely beat the living fuck out of people in Yakuza 0. Smash their back on railings, bash them with sledgehammers. Shit is mental. You do that in all of the other games too but its got such a nice weight behind it in 0.

  • @dipset I've been looking for a good sub for freebasing so am glad it only cost me $10 and not my teeth.

    0_1591899873774_Yakuza 0.PNG

  • @dipset
    I think it's because Yakuza 5-Kiwami1 all have a sense of stylized realism to it's visuals, like MGS4 for example, it's realistic but people making exaggerated faces (like when getting smacked with a sledgehammer) still looks appropriate.

  • @E_Zed_Eh_Intern I'm happy Yakuza helped you stop being a base head lol. I've been trying to put as many people as possible onto the series so I hope you enjoy using a small motorcycle as a weapon and bashing it over drunk hooligans running around Kamurocho.

    @DMCMaster There is that but also just more animation in general in those games as far as I can tell. Idk I might be way off the mark on this one, but something feels different in the newer games.

  • I read that there's a release date on MS Store for November 13th.
    Here's a trailer with the English voices.

    Yakuza: Like A Dragon - Official Trailer
    Youtube Video

  • Such a good trailer edit. This is an instant double playthrough because the English acting (and did I see English lipsync) is awesome. Nails the tone. I hear Judgement in English was solid too, but something felt off based on those trailers.

  • Hooray for english VO!!!

    This does look like it may have all the elements for me to finally love a game in the series so I'm hopeful.

  • First initial reaction when seeing the trailer, "Great, at least that there are options?" . I feel like Yakuza's niche is and has always been that it should be in subbed because of it plays out in Japan crime underworld. But I guess it's their way to introduce more people to the franchise and that's good, just my personal opinion that it's a great shame they're slowly losing it's niche and putting way too much effort into the dub.

  • @dipset
    Judgment has a pretty good English Dub, and I think a handful of it's cutscenes have redone lip sync

  • I'm happy they are including english VO just to make the game more accessible and expand its audience but personally, you couldn't pay me to play through a Yakuza game in anything other than japanese and subs.