Some old highlight work (need feedback)

  • Over 3 years ago i made a draft to EasyAllies with a snippet of something that i were working on back then.
    I do have the full original version and the stems from my editing stuff, but if EasyAllies didn't respond i thought the content wasn't appealing for them. Of course everything in media i a matter of taste and personally i enjoy the full 50min+ edit i made back then, + the outro :o.

    My post is about if anyone would like to see this kind of stuff, 95% credited to EasyAllies of course while editing credits is from me. I do have some "magic" thrown in to make the output a bit cleaner from the EasyAllies early days.

    Let me know what you think!

    edit: Forgot the link, sorry!
    edit 2: If you want to see the whole finalized draft that i got, let me know and i'll upload it.
    edit 3: In retrospect, the song is too long. That's something that i can fix!
    edit 4: outro:

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    Hey! While I generally cannot speak for the allies proper, in general I think it's fair to say Ian and Don have most of their after effects needs taken care of. There are a number of reasons the Allies would probably be hesitant to take up certain community made items, particularly with regard to use of the company's logo, and the fact that they'd be taking someone else's work, which can become an issue in matters of licensing, etc.

    Plus, as you mentioned you did this 3 years ago, and since then the general style guide for EZA has evolved beyond the humble "Avenir Next Heavy" so at this point it's mostly outmoded.

    As for stream intro and outro, bumpers, the allies have a diverse skill set but not all of them are wizards at managing video, and video assets, though several of them do aspire to improve their production quality when not in the studio.

    That said, if you do want this project reach their eyes, you can try reaching out on twitter, or if you're a patron on Patreon you can go in for the Community Showcase where at least 2 Allies will watch and respond to your work.

    Otherwise in terms of actual feedback, I think that, while simple, the animations you made are on the whole, pretty good, and almost at professional quality, they're not terribly obtrusive and in a more ideal world most streams would have nice intro and outro cards.