Some old highlight work (need feedback)

  • Over 3 years ago i made a draft to EasyAllies with a snippet of something that i were working on back then.
    I do have the full original version and the stems from my editing stuff, but if EasyAllies didn't respond i thought the content wasn't appealing for them. Of course everything in media i a matter of taste and personally i enjoy the full 50min+ edit i made back then, + the outro :o.

    My post is about if anyone would like to see this kind of stuff, 95% credited to EasyAllies of course while editing credits is from me. I do have some "magic" thrown in to make the output a bit cleaner from the EasyAllies early days.

    Let me know what you think!

    edit: Forgot the link, sorry!
    edit 2: If you want to see the whole finalized draft that i got, let me know and i'll upload it.
    edit 3: In retrospect, the song is too long. That's something that i can fix!
    edit 4: outro: