Gears 5 (Xbox One/PC)

  • Xbox Gamepass Ultimate 2 Months for £2 and Gears 5 out today? Don't mind if I do. How Microsoft makes any money today, I don't know. Their financial strategists are way beyond normal humans at this point.

    I haven't played Gears since 3, but I'm really enjoying the little I played tonight. Hoping to get a really big dent in over the Weekend, finishing Campaign and tucking into the MP , Horde and Escape proper.

    Also, I'm only into Chapter 3 but the Writing has come a long way since Gears 3. We're not chasing after MacGuffins anymore! Woohoo! Finally!

  • I never really liked Gears after trying 1 & 2. I felt like there was too much shoot shoot shoot, but if I can play the original trilogy on Gamepass (and I like it), I’ll do my typical full series playthrough before Gears 5.

    I always appreciate a good series

  • Finished the game today. Had some technical problems during many of cut-scenes- the game froze for several seconds (played on PC with M.2 SSD). But gameplay is rock-solid and campaign is fun. Especially driving the Skiff - I can do this whole day.

  • @ffff0 I'm having the same cut-scene freezing on my pc too. It was really bad at the end of Act 1. I haven't finished the game yet but I'm enjoying what I have played so far.

  • @shoulderguy Try hitting Pause as soon as the game freezes. Sometimes it helps a bit. Personally once I finished the game I just went to YouTube and rewatched what I missed.

  • I'm having cut-scene stuttering, especially towards the end of Act 2. Also getting texture glitches and huge texture stretching issues when moving between areas in Act 2. I'm hoping its better in Act 3.

  • I haven't had any issues with the campaign through the first two acts, though I have had them with multiplayer. Shame for all the weird technical issues people are having as the game itself is really impressive.

  • I finished the campaign. I really liked all the changes they made to the Gears formula. The game looks, sounds and plays great despite a few technical problems with cut-scene freezing issues I had early on. The story is mostly well done with some of the best character moments I have seen in a Gears game. Although, I feel like all the interesting story stuff happens in the first half of the game. With the last half just setting up the next Gears game. Also, shout out to the best Gears character Cole Train. Can't stop the Train, baby. WHOO!

  • I finished the game today and while I really enjoyed it, the game is mired in technical issues.

    My game softlocked in Act 3, and I had to lose all the progress I had made towards the side objectives in the 2 or so hours I had spent, as well as replay some main mission content. Even more annoying is that the softlock is caused by doing the main missions out of order, something that the game actively encourages by making the main Acts open world and encouraging you to explore.

    What's worse, lots of my Main Story playtime has been lost. According to the stats, I have not played most of the Acts in Act 2 or Act 1, despite having played Act 3 and 4 to completion. You'd have thought the game was intelligent enough to realise that if I've played Act 4 to completion, I MUST have beaten the entire game. But no.

    I'm yet to play any of the other modes, but I'll probably leave Gears 5 until they can get a solid patch out that will solve most of the issues. Despite the technical issues, the game is well designed and the writing has definitely taken an upturn. But equally, I'm so glad I didn't pay full price for this absolute mess.

  • I've concluded every game mode at least once and now I'm confident enough to leave my thoughts:

    Excellent package with plenty to offer for a variety of players. Co-op vs. AI is there for me IF I want to earn Tour of Duty stars (which in itself isn't really appealing to me), but it's nice to have all the options for those who want straight multiplayer, want to play against the best, or (and my absolute favorite part) play alone with nothing but bots in a local LAN server. As far as maps go, kind of perplexed why they brought over as many as they did from 4, but of the new offerings, Bunker is my favorite. Finally, Arcade is interesting and helps those like me who wind up getting assists more than kills. Overall, very solid.

    I see the potential here from the concept to having specific classes, but this mode is VERY unkind to people like me who play alone. That and they only give you a clip of ammo instead of the max amount. I like the idea of starting with a Pistol, but that's a little too few ammo to start. That said, the map builder is intuitive and there's a lot of creative stuff out there. If you've got friends, this can be fun.

    Before talking about the campaign, I just wanted to dedicate a separate section to things like the customizations and microtransactions: There is WAY too much of both (There should be none of the latter), but what's more aggravating is, from what I've dug into, there isn't a way to go see what there is created in ENTIRETY (what I mean is I would like to see every single skin, marker, etc.) to get with the new Iron. Oh wait. You can ONLY buy Iron?! It's NOT EARNABLE?!?........ GDI I Despise microtransactions. Anywhy, the sheer overwhelming amount of not only weapon and characters skins now has evolved into those AND unnecessary spot markers and bloodsprays. When playing multiplayer, I'm focused on the objective or taking out the enemy, not seeing markers by other people, no matter how cool some may look.

    Easy to see its value, but after giving it a go alone, I lasted to Wave 30. With the addition of giving you a team of five AI squadmates (Which is a big personal plus), much like Escape, this mode just isn't for those of us who play alone. The banking power mechanic is meh, and the power taps seem like an interesting idea, but without other people playing it feels kind of pointless. Objectively: Well designed mode for those who love the ever growing stronger wave modes. Subjectively: This mode isn't fun. At all.

    While far and away my favorite mode, I'm writing just minutes after finishing it for the first time, so my thoughts may be skewed, but I wanted that known up front. That said, I LOVE many elements pulled from the series brought into this story and I really enjoyed every location. Story beats were engaging and it looks FANTASTIC.


    Without spoiling ANYTHING, there is a moment in the final Act of the game that, while with WHAT it is I have no issue, it's HOW it's done. My problem is this specific plot point by itself presents problems for the campaign for the eventual sequel, which invalidates itself. Suffice to say, my experience is now a tiny bit dampened but on the whole, I still enjoyed it.

    Overall, Gears 5, to me, is probably the best game since 2 across every mode. Very satisfied.

  • I wish they brought 2 and 3 to PC too. It is ridiculous to have 1 and 4-5.