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    Hello this thread is desecrated to ALL the gamers that DON'T drink from the KOJIMA KOOL AID.
    I have reading around on different sites also watched a for vids, and people STILL don't know what his latest game is about and I'm also but confused about it. We ALL know if his name wasn't on it. It for sure wouldn't be getting all this coverage.
    Never forget the man that threw his dev team under for HIS MISTAKES.

  • Oh dear...

    Username makes a lot of sense now.

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    @axel what's wrong ? I'm not allowed to dislike Kojima ? Oh and you are so " Original " by the way I have never done any of theses kinds of substances. I just though it was a funny user name.

  • Wonder how long till this gets locked

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    @dmcmaster it shouldn't get shut down. Unless this place likes to stifle people's speech for no good reason other than difference of a opinion.
    Now on topic. Kojimas New game will have a Super Easy Mode and basically a movie mode. Does making a game too easy " devalue " a game ?

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    @acidtrip-69 said in KOJIMAS CULT:

    @dmcmaster it shouldn't get shut down. Unless this place likes to stifle people's speech for no good reason other than difference of a opinion.
    Now on topic. Kojimas New game will have a Super Easy Mode and basically a movie mode. Does making a game too easy " devalue " a game ?

    I know it WILL get locked. I knew the previous one would get locked right after that guy told you to fuck off. Feels like kindergarten.

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    @ezekiel I never even cursed not one time in that thread. The mods should be doing their jobs and just remove the rule breaking one post by said person. I hope this place hasn't become a agree with " our " view or get ban type of place.
    On topic : how much cut scenes and audio logs do you have sit through before it's a slog and how much can a game have of those before it stops being called a game at all ?

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    The mod justification that there is already a thread about the game is silly. Like you can't make a topic discussing one thing about a particular game. I hate that about other forums. How the master threads often are cluttered messes.

  • You seem obsessed, and I say this as someone who has very little sympathy for Kojima. There's a personality cult around him, to the point that once I was watching an E3 stream where a Kojima bodyguard (?) pushed the reporter out of the way and the reporter's reaction was like it was an honour to be pushed away by one of Kojima's guys. But still you made your point several times already and some fanboys here jumped to his defence. No need to get so obsessed about it, it's normal for people who love something to be defensive about it. I see this forums as overall positive and I much rather have to deal with fanboys than hateboys.

  • I'm not that mad about it but to some extent i do agree with the sentiment, i'm not one of those who screams "GOTY" every time Kojima announces something and it has been a long time since Kojima has made a legit all around great game.

    In the case of Death Stranding i haven't really seen anything that stands out besides the visuals which are great. The world looks empty and lifeless (almost like the post apocalyptic setting is used an excuse to justify lack of details in the environments), the combat is nice, i'm sure the story will be nice too.

    "Does making a game too easy devalue a game?" No, i think it all comes down to your preferences, what you are looking for in a game. Some may prefer the action, the challenge, while others are there just for the story. Astral Chain is a recent great example on that where it has all the challenges you'd expect from Platinum on the combat, but if you want to chill out, you can play the Unchained mode, no shame. As long as you have the options i can't see what's the problem.

    Anyway if you don't like the man that much, i suggest you to skip Game Awards lol

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    Well at least now we understand you don't actually want to talk about Death Stranding at all and instead just want to attempt to assassinate Kojima's character on a forum full of people who generally like the guy and his games.

    If you've been following Death Stranding and at this point still aren't sure what the game is about I'm not sure what to tell you, as he's very clearly spelled it out.
    Big event happens that blurs the lines between life and death and also fragments the United States into Zones that must be reunited. You have to travel across the continental United States to unite those zones. There are various risk/reward systems built around this where you must carry supplies to these zones while also carrying supplies for yourself (replacement boots to avoid injury/ladders to traverse otherwise impossible terrain/etc) and the more things you carry, the more careful you must be while travelling. Carrying too much stuff while trying to cross a stream? You'll fall over and lose your cargo.

    Throw some of the usual Kojima style batshit insanity in the mix and bam, Death Stranding.

    As somebody who has enjoyed the previous games Kojima has worked on greatly, I am excited for the game already because I trust him to deliver, much in the same way I get excited whenever a new Christopher Nolan or Nicolas Winding Refn movie gets announced, or a new Ghostface Killah album is released.

    Is there not a single creator across any medium that makes you feel the same way? Can you genuinely not empathize with people who are excited for Death Stranding or whatever else Kojima creates?

    If you answer no, I can't help but think you are being disingenuous and just want to continue with your oh so funny trolling while failing to provide any valid criticisms of Kojima or his work outside of LOL CUTSCENES or HE'S KINDA WEIRD LOL.

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    Once again, there is already a topic for Death Stranding and this forum really isn't big enough to warrant three separate threads about this especially as it's just a rehash of your previously locked thread.