Comedy is COMING Back/ Cancel Culture

  • I don't think a history of having unfunny racist/sexist/homophobic public outbursts is "doing nothing wrong". I'm of the opinion that his career will be fine. If you want to make ching chong or whatever jokes in 2019, your audience is racists. Go tell jokes to them, that's where your career is.

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    @tokyoslim Jokes are Jokes. When ever a comedian makes a joke no matter what it is. I don't think they really think that's how they feel in their hearts. They are just trying to stir things up. I think the same way the South Parks guys say. It's all ok or none of it is ok. You can't have both.

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    I don't think they really think that's how they feel in their hearts.

    oh? well I do. Especially if it's not jokes. Is someone discussing how ugly and weird Chinatown is, and saying that "only chinks want to live there" a joke?

    What's the punchline? A joke has a setup and a punchline. Is the punchline that "chinks" are ugly and or stupid? Cause that's racist. If that's not the punchline, then that's not a joke - just a statement.

    Jokes are not just jokes. Jokes are a craft that people work really hard to perfect. You can be edgy and funny and not base your material in racist shock value. That's cheap and shallow. And many comedians DO base their work on how they really feel. Bringing your own personal beliefs and obvservations into your comedy routine is how many if not most of the top comics write their work. So, I disagree with much of what you're saying.

    Also, Southpark isn't some bastion of comedy that everyone should aspire to. So I'm not sure where you're going with that.

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    @acidtrip-69 You're right. Jokes are jokes.
    If your jokes are shitty and hurtful, then it shouldn't come as a surprise when you don't get the job you want when people discover your shitty and hurtful jokes.

    Nobody is ruining anybodies career. His audience of conservative manchildren will continue to enjoy his comedy and support him. The rest of the world will move on.

    Perhaps in the future Shane will be less lazy with his comedy and punch up instead of punching down.

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    To me. It's ALL of it is OK every Horrible joke you can think of. They are OK. It's about a free speech rules. If it goes away. We just become a world of Gorges book 1984

  • Your speech is not free from consequences. It never has been and it never will be. That's either a deliberate strawman or a gross misunderstanding of your rights.

    You are free to make horrible racist jokes without the govt. arresting you. You are not free from people thinking you are a piece of trash for making horrible racist jokes. Those are two different things.

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    @tokyoslim You just used the oldest lame excuse.

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  • It's not an excuse, it's describing the reality of the situation to someone who's using words out of context.

    Freedom of speech means a thing. It's not the thing you think it means. I was helping you out.

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    @tokyoslim All that I have been trying to say is. That cancel culture is bad. That's all.

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    @acidtrip-69 In the hierarchy of "cultures" that are dumb, I think Cancel culture sits pretty low.
    It is the cultures and systems that caused a need for cancel culture that I think should be addressed before we start saying that people calling out other people for doing stupid and horrible shit is a big problem.

  • I think you've been going about it poorly and I'm unconvinced. Your arguments are unsound and your examples are Dave Chappelle, who's still a millionaire that can work whenever he wants, Bill Burr, ditto. The guy didn't get a job on SNL, so he's in the same position he was in two weeks ago, he's a stand-up comedian and goes on podcasts and says racist shit. None of them have been ruined by cancel culture.

    Louis CK? Still doing stand-up, still a multi millionaire. Aziz Ansari? Producing shows and still doing stand-up. Bill Cosby? Nothing to do with being cancelled, was convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault.

    I fail to see how cancel culture is ruining any comedians. It barely seems to be an inconvenience.

  • I'm hesitant to jump in the weeds here, because I also dislike cancel culture, but disagree with many of the arguments made in this thread. I'm just going to drop a link that pretty sums up my philosophy far more eloquently than I ever could.

  • @naltmank NYT is paywalled for me

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    @tokyoslim I never said I was afraid for Dave or BILL. I was glad they are pushing back. Anzi is a whole other story. They tried to ruin him cause some date. CK did some weird stuff but not against the law. They are also trying to ruin him. Then that guy that host the talking dead show. A person from his past tried to ruin him too. Now for Cosby that's a WHOLE other thing. There's hard evidence on the things he did.

  • @acidtrip-69 And again, all those examples are showing how cancel culture isn't really a thing. The guy from the Talking Dead Show, Chris Hardwick, lost zero of his jobs. He's still working. None of those people have been "cancelled". None of them have had their lives ruined.

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    @tokyoslim I'm NOT worried about them. I'm WORRIED for the normal citizens that aren't well off. We ALL have to live in this culture too.
    Well I hope you never have to be falsely accused of a crime like that.

  • A culture where people are free to feel how they want to feel about things and have varying opinions. I am unconcerned.

    @acidtrip-69 said in Comedy is COMING Back/ Cancel Culture:

    Well I hope you never have to be falsely accused of a crime like that.

    I in fact, have been. But I'm capable of self reflection and seeing how my behavior could have been taken the wrong way and I used that knowledge to improve myself and be more sensitive to the feelings of others. And like every single person mentioned in this thread - I was not cancelled.

  • @tokyoslim dang, you used to be able to get free articles but idk if that's a thing anymore. The main idea is that you hold your peers accountable, but not through calling them out, but rather through conversation to improve mutual understanding. The idea being that calling someone out is more likely to make them antagonistic and obstinate, rather than opening an opportunity for growth and change.

    also @Acidtrip-69 CK trapped women in a room and forced them to watch him masturbate. Even under loose definitions of sexual harassment and assault, that's illegal.

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    @naltmank CK never trapped anyone. He ASKED them if he could do that. They said YES. So why are they surprised that he did ? Sarah Silverman has said he has asked her too and she said YES and then I think she said she did it too.

  • @acidtrip-69 You're taking the story out of context - Silverman isn't the only example here, and she also condemned his actions with other women. She even said that that anecdote was not meant to make excuses for his actions towards other women, although of course it was later taken that way. There were more complex power dynamics at play, which CK himself acknowledged after the fact. If you're going against the idea of Cancel Culture, CK should not be your go-to example of how it's negatively impacting culture.