The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2012!

  • 2012 didn't look like the most exciting year at first sight, as Sony and Microsoft released less banger exclusives than they would in following years. The Wii U launched to little fanfare with only a handful of remarkable titles, and the 3DS started growing its library with some left-field, more or less successful attempts. The PlayStation Vita also launched with its own serving of exclusives!

    So did third-parties take advantage of the situation?

    Just like for 2013, exactly 31 people voted and nominated 70 different games.

    Only 25 remain, let's see who made the cut!

  • Wipeout 2048

    #25. Wipeout 2048 - 7 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 1 (El Shmiablo)
    #3: 0
    #4: 1 (FF7Cloud)
    HM: 1 (TokyoSlim)


    Release date: February 22 [US/EU]
    Developer: Sony Studio Liverpool
    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Genre: Racing
    Platform(s): PlayStation Vita


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  • I'm glad this got re-released on the Omega Collection. Really fun game.

  • Love these titles, but for some reason, this was one I never played.

  • Great entry in the Wipeout series. Just missed my nominations. I really hope we get a brand new one on PS5 with full VR support.

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    So excited to see the result of thise vote! I really need to play more Wipeout. I got the Omega Collection, but there are just too many games to play!

  • Wipeout has always been intimidating to me because it looks too fast and frantic for my tastes (which, in the realm of racing that is). Still, it's a pretty game already we got a Vita game!

    Happy to have another of these threads!

  • I didn't have time nor the memory to submit for this years list. Looking at the list on Wikipedia, I didn't actually like very many games from 2012 and I probably would have placed Wipeout at #1 even though I only played it in the Wipeout Omega Collection for the first time in 2019.

    The Drum n Bass + Dance + Electronica + 4K visuals + 60 fps + future race aesthetics + speeeeeed = GOTY

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  • Assassin's Creed III

    #24. Assassin's Creed III - 7 points


    #1: 1 (Hazz3r)
    #2: 0
    #3: 0
    #4: 0
    HM: 2 (Brannox, FF7Cloud)


    Release date: October 30 [US], October 31 [EU]
    Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
    Publisher: Ubisoft
    Genre: Action-adventure, Stealth
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch


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  • Wooooow, AC3 made it! I almost had it as an HM (it was just before 3 came out I bought the rest of the series to catch up).

  • AC3 was my first AC game, and man it was the worst possible first impression for the series for me. I enjoyed the combat and parkour, but that's kinda it. Also, those bright white loading screens can go straight to hell.

  • I liked Assassin's Creed III and it was close to get 8th place on my list. I'm glad that it made the cut.

  • For shame.

    Assassins Creed 3 (I’ve only played up to Syndicate) is the best one. Underneath all the bugs and glitches is an amazing, groundbreaking game. I’ve splurged on Reddit about it multiple times, so rather than try and recall everything I like, I’ll find those posts and paste them here in a bit.

    I’m amazed it only got 7 points, it’s easily one of the best games released that year!

  • I'm a big fan of the AC series, played them all. In this case the year just offered narrowly eight other games I'd rather return to right now. Connor's tomahawk was a cool weapon to use, and the game introduced the naval missions to the series with the Aquila. There's been no going back after that, and mostly that's been a nice decision. Eventually, though, the American Revolution just wasn't one of my favourite eras the series has concentrated on. Still glad the game made it to the list.

  • Found it!

    Assassin's Creed 3 is a really fun game and a nice midway point between the massive world of Black Flag and the relatively contained worlds of Ezio's games.

    Personal highlights for me:

    Homestead Missions

    They seem like standard side-content missions towards the beginning of the game but this is where you will progress most of Connor's relationship with Achilles and how you will eventually make money. Not only this, but the Homestead missions see you complete missions that seem like more normal tasks. If you ever get tired of killing and maiming, give a go at retrieving a hidden treasure or helping a woodworker recover his tools. It may seem bland, but despite the limited amount of time that gets spent developing these characters, I ended the game caring about the relationships quite a bit.

    Mason Tunnels

    An extension on the fast travel mechanic from the Ezio games, the Mason Tunnels are a set of tunnels under each city that you can explore at will. You have to travel through these tunnels, solving platforming puzzles, in order to reach the doors leading out into the world. Once you've unlocked a door, you can then fast travel to that point using the tunnel system.

    While a utility, the tunnels are entertaining gameplay in their own right, reminding me very much of old-school Prince of Persia platforming puzzles (without the time powers). Definitely one of the better experiences on offer.

    Codex/Database Entries

    This is pretty short. If you've ever wanted to read about the American Revolution from the context of a cynical British man, make sure you read the codex entries and what-not.

    Secret Treasure Missions

    Often for a cool armour set in Ezio's games, in 3 these missions put you in pursuit of Captain Kidd's treasure. These self contained missions in a small environment have often been some of the strongest points of the Assassin's Creed games and the third iteration is no different.

    The Frontier

    One of my favourite environments in any video game ever, the Frontier is a massive space, filled with legendary creature hunts, collectables and outposts. You'll complete missions for various clubs, like Frontiersman and Hunting clubs and generally explore a wondrous environment.

    Not only this, but the Frontier is displayed in Winter and Summer, completely changing the landscape and the experience. Do yourself a favour and wait til a Summer period to complete any of the missions though! It's much easier!

    Haytham Kenway

    The weaknesses of Connor are more than made up for in Haytham, one of the more entertaining characters of the entire franchise, Haytham has the same charisma and joking nature as some of the more popular characters from the Ezio titles, such as Ezio himself and Leonardo Da'Vinci.

    And my low-lights:


    The game is ridiculously buggy, not only are there many gameplay and visual bugs but many missions will fail to even complete. Most buggy are the Delivery Request Citizen Missions. Tasking you with creating a bunch of crafting items (meaning that you need to complete the majority of the Homestead missions to complete these missions) you will often finish collecting the materials but be unable to hand them in. The hand-in NPC will often disappear from the game world or just refuse to take your items. It's frustrating especially considering the hard-work required to get to that point. I've personally experienced bugs with many of the main missions and some Frontier missions.

    Encyclopaedia of the Common Man

    An on-going homestead mission, this will drive you crazy if you try and do it without a guide, and even then it's pretty frustrating. There's lots of discussions on the internet about the best times and seasons for things to happen so look it up and save yourself the trouble.

    Viewpoint System

    Viewpoints no longer reveal the entire map, there will be areas that you must explore on foot still and this is a significant portion of the map, including the Frontier. This is to facilitate the hardest Frontiersman challenges, where you must reveal 90-95% of each map. I have absolutely no idea who at Ubisoft thought this was a good change but it's terrible. Do yourself a favour and write off the Frontiersman Level 3 challenges! :P



    Shut up, Connor...

    But yeah, if a lot of my low-points were fixed this would probably be my favourite game in the series but there's enough stand-out moments than mean I end up still really enjoying the experience. I think it's unfortunate really, the game gets a lot of flack, especially with it being stuck between Black Flag and the Ezio series, that are definitely stronger entries in the franchise as a whole. However, the improvement in overall gameplay, when it works, is more than apparent in AC3, especially following on from Revelations, which in my opinion is the weakest game in the franchise.

  • Wipeout was one of two games I picked up on launch day with my Vita, the other being Uncharted. It's a wonderful entry, though not my personal favourite and a great showcase for the system. It's going to be very rare to see a racing game in my top lists though.

    Assassins Creed 3 I bought at launch too's still sealed as new. I simply haven't finished revelations (half way) and I had no desire to move on until I had. I have since moved to complete Unity and start Origins, but that's only because I know there's no continuity past AC3. With Unity I also wanted to see what next gen AC looked like and I heard Origins finally shook the series up.

  • I tried the original Assassin's Creed and while I finished it, it wasn't my kind of game. When AC III was announced, I was instantly hooked on the premise of playing as a Native American during the Revolutionary War (Going to school as a History major at the time was a nice coincidence). And while there a couple of things I really enjoyed, like taking part in the Boston Tea Party, Building the Homestead and all the Naval missions, the present day nonsense kept getting in the way, Connor became increasingly annoying, and there were some story problems that don't sit well with me.

    Of the nine games I played in 2012, this places seventh, meaning it JUST barely made the cut for my Honorable mentions. If the two lower games appear I'll point them out, but suffice to say I think this is a mixed bag.

    And finally, as is my custom, shoutouts to every person who also placed a game I had on my list on theirs: @Hazz3r and @FF7Cloud !

  • I was off the Assassins Creed train with the Ezio trilogy pretty much taking the series in a seemingly infinite narrative direction, but once I saw AC3 was an Indigenous story, I was excited. I never followed up on whether Indigenous people had a say in its creation but what I hear, it actually had a solid story and gameplay scenarios but late into the game.

    I actually bought this but I had issues with the acting performances and extremely slow pace. On top of that, I felt like I was at the end of my rope with the hard to control parkour stuff. I bailed about 13 hours in and haven’t looked back at Assassin’s Creed unfortunately.

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    Oh wow! AC3 made it on the list! I really got to go back and play this. At the point when I played this, I was so burned out on the AC games that I didnt really enjoy it and just wanted to get through it for the sake of it.

    Now with a few years away from the series I might enjoy it again.