The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2012!

  • I feel like the Goddess is disappointed in me for not voting for FF XIII-2...

  • XIII-2 huh? Of all the mainline Final Fantasies I've played (which for reference I have NOT played III, V, XI, and XIV) XIII is at the absolute bottom of my personal rankings and shares in the "I can't stand this" category with VIII. As a result, with how bad XIII burned me, there was/is no way I would try out either sequel.

    HOWEVER, with its placement here, it's a clear indicator that, at the absolute very least, XIII-2 is a better game than the original, so I can have a little silver lining view.

  • I actually never played any of the XIII games.

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    So people enjoyed the XIII games unironically? thats interesting. I wanted to like 13 so so bad, I really went into for it, but I couldnt bring myself to finish it. Then I started with 13-2 but when it got too much time travelling it just got confusing and I gave up. lol.

  • @brannox 3 and 5 are the most underrated games in the series and you should definitely give them a shot! Just know what you're getting into with them. 3 especially is very old school, to say the least.

  • @naltmank My aversions to those is the job systems. They've never really appealed to me and I learned my lesson with VI to trust my instincts: If I play ANY game because it's lauded by others instead of having my initial interest, I run the risk of having an unfair view on it.

  • 13-2 was my Pokémon. Got so into collecting and leveling monsters and giving them all kinds of skills. I didn't appreciate the lack of a connected world (part of why I quit 10-2 way back) but still somehow spent 100+ hours on this. Couldn't tell you a thing about the story but as I've said before, game stories are all bad to me so I usually ignore them.

  • FTL: Faster Than Light

    #19. FTL: Faster Than Light - 11 points


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    #3: 2 (bam541, Ringedwithtile)
    #4: 1 (Phbz)
    HM: 3 (Shoulderguy, TokyoSlim, Brandon_Reister)


    Release date: September 14 [US/EU]
    Developer: Subset Games
    Publisher: Subset Games
    Genre: Role-playing
    Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, OS X


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  • Yet another game that ALMOST made my list. Great little game.

  • Wonderful to see FFXIII-2 on the list, though I feel it should be higher. It was infinitely better than FFXIII in my opinion and sucked up many hours from me. I loved all the characters and the story as well, I love stories that involve time travel.

    Shout outs to @E_Zed_Eh_Intern and @FF7Cloud for their additions.

  • I had to do a double take when I saw that I gave this a mere honorable mention. Man this game is amazing but there are so many other great games that came out in the same year that I couldn't slot it into my top 4. I think FTL comes close to the optimal roguelike formula for me while also having a great theme, soundtrack, and level of strategic depth. And while I think Into the Breach was a step down from FTL (I played it 10 hours instead of 100) I am confident that Subset Games will keep on making great games.
    I also thought that other people would give it more points than it got. I always overestimate the EZA community's interest in PC games because of my personal tastes.

  • I should buy this game again. My current Steam account doesn't have it, it's been a while since I actually played it. It would eat up my life again though. As a big fan of roguelikes, this is the crowning jewel for me. I never even finished it once, only got through past half of the sectors twice.

  • Games like FTL that have permadeath and you have to start over from the beginning every time stress me out so I've never really been drawn to this. Also, while in the moment of playing I'm sure it's fine, just seeing snippets as someone whose never played, it's very intimidating to see so much going on screen at once and you need to responsible for all of it. That said, this game must be REALLY good because it being nominated to be called "One of the Greats" (tm)..... with the exception for being banned for at least one more HoG.

  • I completely forgot that FTL came out in 2012, great game.

  • Final Fantasy 13 is much better game then the original

  • Dragon's Dogma

    #18. Dragon's Dogma - 12 points


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    #3: 3 (Shoulderguy, Hidz, Tearju Engi)
    #4: 0
    HM: 3 (TokyoSlim, Chocobop, naltmank)


    Release date: May 22 [US], May 25 [EU]
    Developer: Capcom
    Publisher: Capcom
    Genre: Action role-playing
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows


    GT Review

  • I thought Dragon's Dogma would be in the top 10 for sure. Nonetheless, I'm glad it made the list.

    I've finished Dragon's Dogma multiple times playing as different classes. It shares a lot of it's design with many of my other favorite action RPGs but it's very distinctly it's own game. Those distinctive touches are what make it so special and it's surprising Capcom hasn't made a sequel. I was even convinced that Deep Down was actually some type of Dragon's Dogma game.

    Maybe now that DMC 5 is finished and Monster Hunter World is raking in all that cash. Capcom is finally in position to make that sequel happen.

  • @shoulderguy

    I didn't play the game but I'm sure a sequel will come eventually. Probably in the next gen.

  • Dragon's Dogma would have been my #1 had it been the Dark Arisen version. As much as I love B'z "The Wind is Pushing Me~Dangan", Dark Arisen had more vocations that some skill carried over to others and thus made the game even better and Bitterblack Isle alone is SSS class. Ending was really great.
    Enemies were so amazing. Dragons, mages that cast dual maelstorm that bounced me up like 20 times and made me spent all my heal because I just ran into them for not expecting them running into a room, Death that wiped all my party with one swipe because it took their souls, cockatrice that petrified me along my trusty companion who got tossed over the cliff few times by cyclops...and me (heh).
    It takes a while to get the engines started but man once it gets warm it stays heated. I hope DD2 is made with a joint with MHW team with hopefully a talented writing team if they could. Of course while retaining that Capcom vibe.

  • Now that Dragon's Dogma is here, where's the Hashtagonist? X-D

    Joking aside, this is one of those games I hear about almost like clockwork and it feels like it gets brought up a LOT. Of all this chatter, it gets described as the upper echelon of third person fantasy action RPGs alongside games like Dark Souls and Dragon Age. A personal pass, but at least we're now getting into a stretch of games I'm aware of.