EA E3 2016 Conference Discussion Thread

  • Worse than the 2015 PC Gaming Show.
    "60 minutes is not enough for what we want to show you" ...so you're not showing us anything?

  • Very underwhelming.
    It was especially dissapointing that they didn't even really talk about the upcoming Star Wars games or Mass Effect. Even if you don't really have any real gameplay to show, you can always talk about the games.
    The highlight for me was Titanfall 2.

    As for the EZA show I enjoyed the pre and post shows (so keep up the good work EZA!), but now I'm taking a break until the pre show for the Bethesda show (which I'm certain will be much better than EA's show).

  • @ZyloWolfBane Exactly. It felt like they are absolutely tone-deaf to what fans want from a E3 conference. It felt overproduced and delivered just WAY too little. My secret hope is that there is more planned for Xbox and Sony conferences and they just couldn't talk about.

    The celebrities were kinda weird but I remember hearing about this kind of stuff on some gaming podcast (maybe it was GT back in the day). Traditional and non-gaming press picks up stuff from E3, so when you read in a lifestyle magazine or a newspaper that Zac Efron and Snoop Dogg debuted some game, this might be enough info for somebody's girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or parents to go out and preorder that game for Christmas. I expect that will soon change and hearing about a game from a Twitch streamer or some esport celebrity will be a lot more exciting

    Thoughts? Reactions?

  • @marcel Yeah, I hope that Sony has some sort of exclusive right to reveal one of their other games and give us some news. I doubt it, but I still hope.

  • @ZyloWolfBane I was secretly hoping for a Command and Conquer game but I doubt there is any chance we will see that on the Xbox or Sony conference (maybe PC Gaming Show ... although that probably VERY VERY unlikely). What we could see is a franchise like SSX or Syndicate show up at Sony .. but it probably just gonna be a ton of Titanfall since Xbox is already linked to Battlefield ;)

  • Damn, is it now safe to say that Criterion's new IP is dead? I was really looking forward to it, closest thing EA's given us in years to an extreme sports game.

  • @marcel I never got into C&C but it would've been nice, there's not nearly enough RTS games out there. And I would've liked Burnout to come back.

  • Hahaha I love the beer run. Level Up Kyle!

  • Garbage press conference.

  • That was absolutely horrible. My good vibes for E3 have been tempered.

  • That was a pretty poor showing. They didn't even need a conference. Yikes.

  • I'm not suprised at all. After what they done to dead space series, I have zero expectation from them.

  • EA press conference was a text book example of how NOT to do an E3 show. Awful.

  • I actually can't believe how bad this one was. It's insane that they still had to do office videos. The people they had on stage (Manager and actor for Fifa) were so awkward and bad.

    Worst thing is they actually did have stuff to show in Titanfall and Battlefield 1 but for some reason they cut those really short. Just an awful conference.

    On another note I can't understand why they are putting BF and Titanfall out so close to eachother, especially since COD will be close to those too. Feels like Titanfall won't stand a chance.

  • I will say the press conference did one thing well was get me at all interested in Titanfall 2. I sooooo did not care about that franchise until this press conference. That titan gave me feelings.>!

    • Battlefield 1 looks crazy good. I haven't really been sucked into a multiplayer game this generation, but the setting and visuals are so good that I hope this has some staying power with me, where Battlefront kind of let me down.

    • Titanfall 2 single player is much better than anticipated - to the point where I'll definitely pick it up. The original didn't really interest me at all, so I'm glad this looks good.

    • I just want to discuss the sports section of the conference a little bit, and how EZA treated it, as I'm a massive sports fan. I understand hating how they present Madden and FIFA - Especially in the context of E3, where highly anticpated remakes, sequels, and new IPs are what mostly everyone is watching for. Weird interviews with Pele, Jose Mourinho, and Madden players are not the way to showcase those games. It can certainly drag on and kill the pace. But on the stream, the negative commentary seems more focused on sports and the sports gaming culture rather than the actual problems with the presentation. Having followed the Allies for awhile, I know the majority don't care about sports, and I don't expect them to feign enthusiasm. So maybe its wrong for me to expect them to exercise patience during something they find boring, as I want their true reactions. I just think there's a way to focus on the negative aspects of something you don't care for without overreaching. What FIFA showed was a shakeup, and different in a genre where attempts to do so should be applauded as annual releases can become stale and uninspired. It is entirely possible I'm the only person who feels this way. Maybe I'm overreacting, and I don't want to come across as preachy as I think its totally fair to point out presentation issues and poke fun at some Madden player with a broken collarbone. It just seems to me, in that situation - silence and negative body language during those segments that don't hold your interest say way more than attempts at quips and gifs ever could. Hopefully that came across constructively rather than defensively. ** I THOUGHT THE STREAM WENT GREAT - LOOKING FORWARD TO TOMORROW, HOPEFULLY LOTS OF BIG MOMENTS TO COME**

    • Criminally small amount of Star Wars. I mean what were they thinking? I understand not rushing big games, and I don't think they're wasting years of their exclusive rights. I totally support wanting to flesh out and carefully plan what could become a lasting portfolio of new titles. Just don't show us the same Star Wars themed studio cutaways that you used 2 years ago when demonstrating Battlefront concept art and models and expect that to satiate us.


  • EA's press conference was a steaming pile of trash. A dumpster fire if you will.

  • RIP Serious Moe's collar bone.

  • I don't know what EA is thinking and who approved what they are going to show. You can't pull the same thing people already complained last year about TWICE. If you have to spice up what you can show with behind the scenes stuff and people talking about how awesome it'll be, just don't.
    Even as someone who is actively looking for behind the scenes stuff for most games and the tech behind. This is just boring to watch in a conference centered around games. There is GDC for that.
    Having someone say how amazing something is going to be, instead of footage just doesn't evoke any reaction at all except frustration.
    And that is pretty much the word that sums up EA's conference. Pure frustration. (Especially if you have the word Play in the headline for your conference)
    The only highlight was the Titanfall 2 part which showed extensive gameplay cut in very professional manner.
    Battlefield 1 while there was impressive footage felt flat for me too. Too much talking and repeat footage.

    This would have been the time to give people enough to discuss about Mass Effect Andromeda for weeks, after 2 years in a row showing engine tests and developer talk about the plans for the game. Especially with a supposedly release next year.
    But no they pulled the same stunt again showing footage we already saw with a little new here and there. While there wasn't a lot of new stuff it would have been enough to serve as a quick cut trailer without any behind the scenes footage. Add some dramatic music do a lot of cuts and there you go. That would have hyped me more than what was shown yesterday.

    And than there is Star Wars.... I have to admit I am not the biggest Star Wars fan, I like it but I don't consume every Star Wars product there is, so it didn't hurt me as much but... how can you screw this one up? How can you spend more time on Fifa than Star Wars? Yes Fifa is a big franchise but STAR WARS?........

    EA's conference showed a clear lack of direction and wrong priorities, which leaves fans of games frustrated and craving for more. Hopefully the other conferences can still the hunger.

  • This conference was painful to watch. :( Thank god I watched the EZA stream as they made it bearable. Who thought it was a good idea to show behind the curtain stuff? Like Kyle said, stay in front of the curtain, we like the curtain. Sigh.
    Battlefield 1 looked awesome and they chose to show a snipped during the conference and the whole trailer after? What? I just... I don't get it. It was a disappointing way to showcase their stuff. They seem so out of touch to what people actually want to see.

    1/5 from me.