Do you have high FPS tolerance?

  • Sup Allies,

    I was wondering if anyone else had high FPS tolerance, meaning frame rate drops mostly don't really bug me. I kinda think I am this way because I played so many games as a kid that had frame rate drops and I really just didn't care or even know really notice. Now a days I'm more aware of when this happens but it still doesn't bug me that much. I really enjoyed Days Gone, Control and Borderlands 3 even tho they all had really noticeable drops.

    Am I alone in this? I know a lot of gamers won't mess with games that don't have a FPS of 60.

  • Slowdown never used to bother me much. I remember playing Perfect Dark back in the day and thinking that it was cool that the game would go 'slow-mo' when lots of stuff was happening. It wasn't until I got into CS that I realized what was going on, and that it really impeded the ability to play the game.

    Nowadays I'm not to bothered by it unless it's drastic, constant, or impedes gameplay in a major way. There are some games I won't play at less than 60 FPS, but they're mostly multiplayer games, and I don't play many of those anyways.

    Input lag or buffer bothers me a lot more.

  • For video games I prefer the smoother experience but this media isn’t as simple as others. The ambitions of one game can affect its performance and depending on how much the player spends on their system, the experience differs.

    I have forgiveness for drops and stuff depending on the severity. Like... in film, there isn’t a difference in Transformers and a silent film; both can play on YouTube just fine. The hardware is secondary.

    With that said, the best experience is always better. It’s like how I get annoyed when people watch movies on an iPhone and they miss out on half the experience. It’s like that in games too. I tend to be somewhat bothered by a bad version of a game where the frame rate chugs when I know it’s so much better elsewhere.

  • i never was, I could never understand what people were talking about when they said the frame rate sucked.Then i played the scholar of the first sin version of DS2 on ps4 and the difference between 25-30 fps and 50-60 fps finally made sense to me.

  • Same here. I'm quite sensitive towards FPS fluctuations (as in I can tell if it's dropping a couple frames), but they never really bothered me. Control dropped to like 10-15 frames for like 10 seconds one time and I was completely unfazed. Days Gone was filled with constant frame drops and I never really got sick of it. CS GO barely runs on my laptop (25 FPS average) and I still do kinda well at it.

    Oh yeah, I also played 70% The Witcher 3 in sub-30 FPS average. Played the game on PS4, there's one patch that improved the graphics but the framerate took a major hit. By the time a new patch rolls out, I took my PS4 with me to a remote location so I couldn't patch it. I was strolling through Novigrad in 20-25 FPS range and I couldn't care less.

  • @bam541 said in Do you have high FPS tolerance?:

    Oh yeah, I also played 70% The Witcher 3 in sub-30 FPS average. Played the game on PS4, there's one patch that improved the graphics but the framerate took a major hit. By the time a new patch rolls out, I took my PS4 with me to a remote location so I couldn't patch it. I was strolling through Novigrad in 20-25 FPS range and I couldn't care less.

    how was crook back bog? before patched that area would hit single digits

  • Wasn't till the Remaster of Last of Us where I could toggle between 60 and 30 fps. I of course would always prefer 60 FPS but like stated before it has to be really bad for me to be bothered. Worse Ive seen has to be BL3 playing split screen when someone goes into a menu. It's annoying for sure, but we're playing local split screen and online with friends, its a trade off that just barely makes it worth it.

  • I don't really care about what framerate a game is (outside of stuff like rhythm games where you pretty much need to be at a solid 60) so much as whether the framerate is consistent or not. A consistent 30 will always be better than a 60 that randomly goes to like 35 for five seconds at a time for no good reason. Do prefer 60 but it's not a dealbreaker (again, usually.)

    Granted if it's something that's consistently one thing but in a rare instance where you just murdered a billion enemies or sliced a robot to ribbons it starts chuggin, then I'm willing to accept the framedrops in the name of "oh shit that's cool."

  • Given the option I'll always take 60 fps over higher resolution and other graphical bells and whistles. The first 10 minutes of any game I play on PC is trying to find the right balance of 60 fps with the best possible graphics settings applied. Of course I understand 60 fps is not always possible with current console hardware limitations requiring a game to run at lower frame rates. 30 fps is not ideal but I can overlook frame rate issues if the games are fun enough. My hope is that next-gen consoles can make 60 fps the standard going forward.

  • @ff7cloud that Bog was slideshow city, that's all I say lol.

  • Obviously I have a limit, but unless you're talking about a game that runs about 10fps, I really don't care.

  • Megaman 3 had plenty of times where there were insane slowdowns and Megaman X had some but they occured when precision wasn't life threatening. So I have decently high toleration as long as it's not ruining a specific thing that requires exact timing. Like if it is irregular unpredictable thing that throws you off then it's unforgiving. That's why l prefer locked fps instead of unlocked where the fps can drop to who knows how low.

    Gravity Rush 2 has a sidequest that kills your framerate. It's funny for a moment.

  • I usually have a high tolerance. Obviously I think it's nice when a game runs at a steady 60 fps but I can still enjoy a game if it doesn't.

    I'm currently playing through Bloodstained: RotN on Switch and that one is pushing my limit. The frame rate is pretty bad a lot of the time.
    Something like Blighttown in the original versions of Dark Souls is also completely unacceptable for me.

  • @neocweeny i never really noticed it in blightown so much it was new londo where i noticed it the most

  • Same thing here. Don't really care much for framerate.
    Astral Chain's would drop sometimes but it's nothing abnormal.

  • @themarcv said:

    meaning frame rate drops mostly don't really bug me

    Without actually reading this topic, all this time I thought it was about playing PC games at 200+ FPS or something.

    I think I have a bad eye for stuff like framerate. I can tell when stuff gets really screwy, but minor dips don't tend to stand out to me. I also watch alot of anime, which Google tells me tops off at about 24 frames per second, so that could have something to do with it. There are certain genres I don't like playing sub 60 FPS, but as long as it isn't bad frame pacing that actually messes you up I'll usually deal with it.

  • It mostly doesn't bother me unless it's something like Blighttown in Dark Souls or a certain tunnel/cave in DQB2 on Switch.

  • I have been playing the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta on my PC. Even on the lowest settings this games frame rate is extremely unstable. I did some looking around and it appears to be a problem for all versions of the game. I was already on the fence about getting this game so the poor performance is a deal breaker for me in this case. It is a Beta. Ubisoft could eventually fix these issues but I'll pass on playing Breakpoint for now.

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    At long as the frame rates are steady and they don't wildly spike from high to low. But I can tell for sure if I'm playing on a 30, 60 , 90, 122-144, ish above that it gets way harder to tell for me.