Do you use your Switch docked or handheld?

  • With the Nintendo Switch having released over 2 years ago and with the recent release of the new portable only Nintendo Switch Lite. I was curious how people have been using their Switch. One of the biggest selling points for this system was the hybrid design. While the Switch Lite forces you into using it portable only.

    Do you use the Switch more as a portable device or as a home console?

    For me, I usually play docked but that's not the case for every game. I listed all the games I finished on my Switch this year. With the percentage played in docked and handheld mode.

    Docked % / Handheld %

    60/40 Wargroove

    0/100 DELTARUNE Chapter 1

    90/10 Yoshi's Crafted World

    2/98 SteamWorld Dig 2

    75/25 Super Mario Maker 2

    95/5 Fire Emblem: Three Houses

    90/10 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

    0/100 Kirby's Dream Course

    After all the time I spent using the Switch's different variations. It's hard to imagine anyone wanting a non-switching Switch over a standard one.

  • I'm yet to take my switch from the house but I still use the console in handheld mode 95% of the time. It's so nice to play without my glasses on for a change and, I don't know, I guess it just feels a bit more ... Intimate? For lack of a better word.

  • Just gonna preface this by saying I don't know why people hate on the Switch Lite (not a callout, @Shoulderguy). It's cheaper and smaller so for people who are never going to play on a TV anyway, it might make sense.

    As for myself, I will play anything on TV before I play it on portable. I always hated it when Nintendo or Sony would make a game in a series I love exclusively for portable. Sometimes I would buy the machine strictly for that game but would never enjoy it as much as I did non-portable entries from the series. Most times, I would just miss out. I just really don't like playing portable games compared to on TV. So docked - like 99.9%. I think I played Tropical Freeze once while my wife was using the TV the dock was on.

    Maybe it's just what I'm used to but I feel far less attached to portable games when I play them.

  • There are one or two games that I always play handheld, but that's solely because I pretty much need the touchscreen in those games. Outside of them it's like a 90/10 docked/handheld split. I'm pretty sure I used even my Wii U more often in handheld mode than this thing.

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    Outside almost exclusively. Though, I started playing Astral Chain, which probably has too much atmosphere and is too time-consuming to play while commuting or on breaks at work.

  • Docked 99% Handheld 1% (when the power goes out)

    @e_zed_eh_intern said:

    Just gonna preface this by saying I don't know why people hate on the Switch Lite (not a callout, @Shoulderguy). It's cheaper and smaller so for people who are never going to play on a TV anyway, it might make sense.

    The whole concept of the Switch itself is that it already is usable on your tv and on the go. The main two problems working against the Lite being a decent alternative are that it isn't that much smaller / lighter than a normal Switch (still can't fit in your pocket) and the battery life of it isn't even as good as the new Switch models that cost the same as the Day 1 ones and hit stores before Lites launched.

    If Switch Lite could still dock if you went to someone with a dock's house or bought your own dock separately later, that would be one thing, but the $100 you save isn't worth it not ever having any docking functionality ever, which locks you out of some games on it even. You just end up spending that $100 later on buying separate Joycon for it anyway. On top of that, the Switch has seen problems like Joycon Drift, and we don't know if your baked in irreplaceable controls on your Switch Lite will eventually succumb to that fate or not. We don't know if the D-Pad on it is any better than the Pro Controller D-Pads. But we know it isn't something that can easily be swapped out for new models if problems start to show. You're stuck with it. We also know some Switch games just aren't as nice visually in Handheld Mode or just aren't really designed to be played Handheld that long. The entire point of the Switch is to switch, and this is the main benefit of the system. Saving $100 just really doesn't justify a switchless Switch unless you're a child who's parent will either get them that or nothing at all. It doesn't even have a kickstand, so have fun trying to prop it up awkwardly if you are trying to play a game on it with separate Joycon!

    Some might buy it as a luxury second system for on the go paired with an OG one that stays at home, but all I have to say to that is must be nice. $100 off still doesn't make it cheap.

  • Historically I have never enjoyed portable games (minus the occasional persona 3 and 4 here, an animal crossing there), and if you had told me a few years ago, I never would have believed this to be true but i use my switch in portable mode 99% of the time. I agree that it just feels more intimate, more comfortable to lie on the couch for long sessions or take it on the go. I also find that switch games just don't look as hot on a 65 inch OLED TV as they do on their native screen. I'm sure I had one or two long nights with Breath of the Wild on the big screen but other than its been almost exclusively portable mode for me.

  • I'd say maybe about 75% of my time on Switch is docked, with the other 25% being instances where I'm going to have time to kill such as a doctor's appointment (because despite having an appointment my doctor will forget I'm in the room), used to take it with me to my old night job (where me and my coworkers where basically getting paid to play Mario Kart for about 2 hours) or other similar situations.

  • When I'm at home I play docked but I need to travel a lot so I'm often playing it in handheld. I'm thinking a Lite because it has an actual D-pad and leave my current Switch at home all the time.

  • So I got the Damon X Machina joycons, and while I've only used them for about an hour, they make playing in portable mode oh so much more comfortable, and I can actually see me playing stuff in handheld far more often.