What's with all the Funko Pop hate?

  • Sup Allies,

    I was kinda curious to get people's take on why Funko Pop gets so much hate. I get that some don't dig the design of them, either the weird lifeless eyes or just the chibi style in general, but the amount of hate, literal fuck this hate, seems a bit unwarranted. Personally I think it's kinda incredible just how many of these things the company has been able to pump out, just about any pop culture character probably has one. I've gotten a few, Squirrel Girl and Dan from Street Fighter, because those aren't very popular characters that get a lot of merch and I love those characters.

    So what says you, do these little toys fill you with rage and anger, are you indifferent or are you a fan? Curious to hear y'all take.

  • My personal dislike of them boils down to how lifeless they look, the fact that they all look exactly the same (which considering how lifeless they look doesn't help matters in the slightest) and how they've overrun pretty much any hobby shop in my town (and in many others from what I gather) like a zombie plague. If anything I think their sheer ubiquity is a negative instead of a positive because it just furthers any resentment people already feel towards them.

  • I don't hate them but I prefer Cosbabies by far.

  • @hanabi

    I agree that a lot of hate for Funko Pops seems to steam from just how popular and common place they have become. Is a lot of this just coming from first, these don't visually appeal to me, hence a base level of dislike based on looks, then second, since I don't like how these look there popularity and kinda insane availability furthers the dislike? I get it but a lot of this seems to me to just be the "I hate it cuz it's popular" stance.

  • They are less-biodegradable beanie babies. I have no hate for them, I just don't really like collecting a bunch of plastic stuff who's only purpose is to be displayed. Gundams / models at least are something you build yourself. Even Amiibo have some sort of functionality. Some of them are cute, I just won't ever pay money for one.

  • @tokyoslim Totally fair, I 100% percent get people not liking them cuz they look weird or just don't like collectible toys in general. I personally dig collectible toys like amiibos, Disney Infinity figures and Totaku. Funko is for sure on the low end for me.

  • I think a lot of it has to do with the strict iteration without much change in design. Folks just find them lazy, I think.

    I have a stack of ones I like, same with Amiibo. They're small, easy to find of things I enjoy, and they're inexpensive.

    The outright hate is weird to me. It might come from people thinking folks should be buying figures of higher detail or quality, but they're fine and if you like x thing, chances are there's an FP figure of it.

  • @sazime said in What's with all the Funko Pop hate?:

    if you like x thing, chances are there's an FP figure of it.

    This is exactly why I kinda appreciate them. Like its been stated I don't love their design, and that's really just the eyes honestly. But if you're really into some random character Funko's got your back, there's almost no character too obscure for them to make a toy out of.

  • On looks alone they are bottom tier. Combine it with characters you love and they are a bad match because they just don't mix well together mainly because of eyes. So far Rathalos has been a decent one I have seen that fits the style.
    Like the Square Enix ones have also that one style for super-deformed but they look way better because it fits well with their characters.
    Nothing beats nendroids though. Swapping faces with different expressions and movable joints for some of them is pretty cool.

  • They're ugly pieces of plastic trash that are collectibles for the sake of collectibles and often represent the characters they're depicting in a disgusting way.

    @TokyoSlim said:

    They are less-biodegradable beanie babies.

    I don't think it is fair to compare Beanie Babies to Funko Pops at all. Beanie Babies are all cute original designs, instead of bastardizations of existing characters, and they have their own names and lore. As you said, they're made of better materials too, instead of a hunk of future landfill.

  • @mbun I meant culturally. They are "collectables" that serve no real purpose other than being collectable.

  • @tokyoslim I guess the way they were treated by many yeah, but they were also just another toy, like a doll.

  • Cause Nendroid does it better, lol.

  • @minamik said in What's with all the Funko Pop hate?:

    Cause Nendroid does it better, lol.

    No debate there, Nendroids I consider top tier. They are also more expensive and less readily available.

    To MBun's point, I can see where you're coming from. As discussed I think everyone can kinda agree the Funko style (and really I personally think its mostly in their eyes) is not very appealing and I guess to your point it's devaluing the characters themselves. I guess I don't completely agree with that point but I can see where your coming from and appreciate the view point.

  • I don't HATE them but lets just say that my best friend who used to collect his empty energy drink cans and display them on the shelf is also the same person who thinks Funko Pops are amazing and has like a wall of them.

    I personally love my cute little Bender from Futurama Funko Pop that I keep on my work desk. I'd get Goku as well if I see one.