Out of Left Field E3 Wishes 2020

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    What Out of no where Left Field game you wish would be announced ? I mean like there haven't been rumours or leaks of a game all ready.

    Mine would be a New 3D adventure game of mystical ninja starring goemon.
    It is one of my Fave N64 games. It's such a hidden Gem.

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    Youtube Video

    Great game.
    Maybe also if they made a New Power Stone game. That would be great.

  • This is a tough one for me. I have many series that I'd like to see have a come back, but it would almost always mean an indie/kickstarter style come back.

    Top of the list would be Little Big Adventure 3, but if it was announced as some AAA project that promised to "modernise" the whole thing then I would rather leave the series be with dignity.

    Deadly Premonition would have been a more recent answer but by George, the Switch has answered all our prayers ^^

  • I've been reminded about the Wave Race series recently, and would like to see it return.

    Perfect Dark is a perennial wish, although there was a (seemingly unfounded) rumor a couple years ago.

    Square could always come out of left field by returning to one of their one-off/short lived PS1 and PS2 games. Along the same lines, I imagine that they own many of the SNES-era Enix games (or would be the perfect company to buy those IPs out), and none of those really continued past that time. I still love Quintent's SNES oeuvre, but a brand new sequel to almost any of those old Enix games could get me fantastically excited.

  • The return of Vigilante 8 is all I ever want during E3.

  • Just off the top of my head I'd love to see a Dragon's Crown 2. From what I've seen of VanillaWares next game it isn't really grabbing me. I also really love Warhammer 40K Space Marine, I think the 40K universe is so interesting but none of their games besides Space Marine really grabbed me.

  • My out of left field wish for E3 is that it's a success.

    Also a new Katamari game would be great. I'd settle for The Prince in Smash.

  • Brave Fencer Musashi
    Parasite Eve
    A 2D based Square Enix fighter (literally a massive crossover of DQ,FF,PE,Musashi, Thief, Deus Ex, Tomb Raider and whatever else falls under Square's umbrella

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    I also wished they would make Kiwami versions of Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 instead of the up res HD version like in pack, but I'm gonna get it anyway :) I know it would take a bit long to Kiwami each version plus the cost, but I would think the wait is worth it.
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  • Harry Potter Remasters of every version of all 8 Games. One Collection.

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    @hazz3r said in Out of Left Field E3 Wishes 2020:

    Harry Potter Remasters of every version of all 8 Games. One Collection.

    ON what system did those games come out on ? Or do you want them from a certain system ?

  • @acidtrip-69
    PS2 thru PS3/360 is what I think most of them came out on

  • PS1, PC, PS2/GameCube, PS3/360.

    From Prisoner of Azkaban onwards the games and versions are largely the same thanks to PS1 getting phased out, but there are 3 different versions of 1 and 2 each.

  • I’d love for us to all sleep on an EA E3 press conference (as we should) but they have this press conference full of haymakers that show a return to form:

    • EA Canada is making Fight Night Champion 2. It’s a perfect mix of physics, animation, simulation, and video gamey stuff. New Legacy mode, new Story mode, an updated roster of legends AND newer fighters.

    • Blackbox is back in some capacity: Skate 4 looks groundbreaking. Open world sandbox, can film skate videos, they can be rated by the public, you can form real skate teams with people online, work to sell videos and merch to grow as a skate team. Some really out there ambitious stuff.

    • Skate 4 battle royal. Open world map, 100 players. You must do a trick every 20 seconds. If you bail, you’re out. Last rider wins.

    • Need For Speed (sim racer) with the typical EA single player story but done well. You come up as a Kart racer when you’re like 10 years old and finish off as a professional GT driver.

    Basically, just EA blowing everybody out of the water and going to unexpected places with their existing franchises.

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    Just remembered what thread I'm on

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    3rd one is one of the most bizarre ideas I've ever heard. Ahaha. Interesting.

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    Spit balling here. But I'd love for EA to just make games again. Not like one high budget crumby game per year.

  • @dipset As someone that loves combat sports and MMA I'm glad EA got their shot at making UFC games, at this point with three titles I just don't think they are capable of making the UFC/MMA game I want. I'd love for them to go back to Fight Night, now that's a combat sport they perfected with FN Champion. I still keep my PS3 hooked up just so I can do a couple matches in FN Champ, id be in just for a port of it on PS4.

  • @themarcv

    Yeah man totally. I still play Legacy mode time to time. It’s a fantastic game. I also love MMA but it translates awfully to a video game. The boxing aspects of the UFC games feel really bad yet it’s perfect in Fight Night. I don’t like the games at all. I’m sure they sell better, but they aren’t better games.

    Maybe if they threw a huge superstar on the cover like Tyson Fury then have him virtually fighting Mike Tyson, it’ll spark interest and sales without the game going the route of corporate sponsorship.

    It’s my understanding EA Canada is HUGE but they’re forced to make annual games with NHL getting a shoestring budget. I doubt they’d have resources for Fight Night Champion, but a man can dream.

  • @dipset Yeah, sadly boxing doesn't seem as widely popular as UFC but there are some HW that are gaining popularity, like you mention Tyson Fury. Could easily see a Tyson vs Tyson cover.

    MMA was always going to be extremely hard to convert into a video game accurately. EA got multiple stabs at it and it just never panned out. I thought they did an okay job with the striking but grappling will always be the white whale. That being said they really nailed boxing with FN Champion and they also had a fantastic story mode. I'd be day one for a new FN game, or hell I'd love a kickboxing game but there's even less mass appeal there.