MLB The Show 19

  • Since it's a PS+ game this upcoming month, maaaaybe there's an outside chance that someone will download it. If you do and you want to play, hit me up.

    I'm not an expert or anything, and I won't yell racial or sexual slurs into a microphone at you if I lose. (maybe if I win and you ask real nice) In fact, I don't usually play with a mic.

  • I think its cool its going to be a PS+ game and I'll probably add it to my library but I wouldn't be surprised if I never download and actually play it. There's just so much stuff coming down the pipe its hard to think this will be super appealing, but if I ever get the itch to play a baseball game I'll have this.

  • I know. Chances are slim anyone who didn't buy the game even cares. Even so - I have the game and play it occasionally with complete strangers. So if anyone is gonna even stick a toe in the water, I'm just sayin I'll play w u

  • I'm going to download it. My roommate just won the World Series in MLB 17 and we never buy they newest sports game, so this is a pretty sweet treat actually.

    You can add me on PSN: GoTaco_

    Keep in mind, my roommate normally plays while I'm at work so it might not even be me playing, but I'm sure it'll be a friendly match. We don't have a microphone I don't think though.

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    @dipset Neat fact: MLB 17 and 19 are the 9th and 10th best selling PS4 exclusives, respectively.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Yeah, I saw that today. It was interesting to see for me.